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Goodies This Week

Hey, some sweet stuff this week Hot damn, Sorcerer Slayer is happening. I just got through this really fun scene… Fine, I wrote it like a month ago but the new scenes are too rough at the moment so you … Continue reading

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Bending Time sadie sins Chapter Two Sitting at the Slytherin table, the Great Hall full of boisterous children, Draco was beginning to realize he had gotten himself in way over his head. He had been working very hard the last … Continue reading

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CH 3

Loyalties sadie sins Chapter Three There was a shirt resting by Harry’s face once he awoke. He was fairly certain it was a shirt anyways, the material silky and black. Now he could tell that his chest and stomach were … Continue reading

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CH 2

Loyalties sadie sins Chapter Two Draco awoke blearily, the crackling of torches pulling him from his sleep. He ached everywhere. But it was a strangely delicious manner, as if he had been stoned with marshmallows instead of heavy rocks. Slowly … Continue reading

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