ep 12: Scene 3 + 4 updated to Demon Bonded!

Well, the new MCAS meds are working. My brain isn’t battling to organize itself while in a soup of chemical warfare from over-reactive mast cells, and writing is no longer the hardest thing ever. I can even hold a thought in my head long enough to write it down. It probably sounds ridiculous, but this illness kicked my ass in ways I still struggle to comprehend and explain, because it happened to my brain, impairing my ability to understand what was happening in the moment.

So, here we go. I’m going to focus on Demon Bonded for now and try to knock episode 12 out. This was a more complicated episode for this story to begin with, so many characters and their motivations to flesh out side by side with our main character. Politics are complicated, basically, and for some annoying reason I decided I wanted a political side to this — at least a bureaucratic political side. No one is running for anything. They just kinda kill their way to the top (like real politics, yeah? >_>;;; ) anywho, I’m excited to be writing again and have my brain working properly for the first time in ages. I’m still battling a lot of chronic fatigue, but my brain is working, so I’m focusing on the good.

Enjoy, peeps! ^.^