ep 12: Scene 3 : A Coven of Decadence updated to Demon Bonded!

Fleshed this scene out a little bit more before going on to scene 4. Went back to read some of the previous episodes, trying to remember what has already been revealed, what needs to be held for more tension, etc. You would think after years away, especially with the way my memory got so bad, that I wouldn’t remember this story. But it’s all there. In the same way muscle memory holds certain info that you can access with the right situations and movements, once that brain switch is flipped, it’s all there. Hopefully a little more interesting this time around.

I know they’re exaggerated, much like cartoon characters — this story was always an anime in my head, but when self publishing in this genre, there’s an expectation of covers with realistic looking people. I like these villains. I mean, I’m hoping Ky or somebody will eventually kill them off for the good of everyone, but these peeps are interesting, especially Imogen. She has plans, much like Anselm did, and goodness, don’t they all just assume they’re going to get the literal impossible with enough will and terrible acts? It makes for interesting story telling.