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Hellcat 31


“What? Where?” Sean twisted as he blinked out of darkness, and the world came roaring back into existence around him. “Soot? What the hell was that?” He clutched Fides’s arm tightly while he tried to stop the rocking of the room. “Where are we? Oh.”

They were home. Ferdinand squirmed in his arms, apparently more calm being swallowed up by the darkness and spit out than Sean was just yet. He let the kitten down and looked around the living room of his apartment. Sean absorbed the destroyed furniture, broken glass, and shattered window in silence. “Oh, fuck,” he sighed, and his shoulders slumped. He was home and the place was a total mess.

With a dejected expression, Sean turned his gaze to TJ. He was still held over Fides’s shoulder, and Sean stepped behind the demon to see his face. TJ was in a deep sleep and looked serene and peaceful even in the uncomfortable position.

Sean couldn’t help but smile. They were home. He leaned forward and gently kissed TJ’s forehead.

“We’re safe, right? I mean, that guy didn’t follow us?” The idea of that witch hunting them down over Divia’s death felt very real after seeing his anger. Sean took a step away and looked around his apartment with a new purpose.

“We haven’t been followed,” Fides assured calmly. “There is no way for a human to track shadow travel. They can lay traps at the end, but they cannot follow us through the portal.” He lifted TJ from his shoulder and carefully held his lax body in his arms. “Come. He will need rest for the transformation.”

Sean couldn’t get the witch’s angry glare out of his mind, and he slowly followed Fides while searching the apartment for any signs of danger. Magnolia’s apartment was right above his. Her showing up had seemed so insane, so circumstantial, but Magnolia had proved to be full of plans and dark intentions Sean could have never guessed. Could she have booby trapped the building? Had she left something to track Fides, or any demon who might step near her place? She had already installed a cage for humans and demons alike; who really knew how long she had access to the building before she moved?

“What if she comes back?” Sean caught up to Fides at the bedroom door. “Magnolia lives here. At least, most of her stuff is here.” The movers may have even brought the magical elements in if the regulators had finally shown.

Fides didn’t look concerned. “She’d be a fool to step into my den, if she even lives.”

Sean blinked at the mention of a den. “What, you don’t think Magnolia’s alive?”

Fides nodded and shoved the bedroom door open. It was dark within, but Fides had no issue seeing as he stepped inside. “If that was Divia’s brother, he has lived as long as his wretched sister.”

“Oh.” Sean crinkled his nose from the powerful, musky scent that lingered in his room. He scowled when he stumbled and tripped over broken furniture. “Damn it. So, you think he’s as bad as Divia?”

Fides grunted a yes. “Demons live long because of our natural lifespan. Thralls live long because you are changed to be more like us. Witches, on the other hand, live long because they steal the life force from other magical beings.” Fides wrapped a steadying tail around Sean when he stumbled again, and he guided him through the mess. The broken light bulb of Sean’s table side lamp started to glow as Fides fed a current of magic into it, and the darkness abated. “The witch siblings have been killing together for long years, and the brother appears more youthful than the dead sister. It is very likely he will kill Magnolia for us in his greed for energy.”

Sean licked suddenly dry lips. A part of him felt bad for Magnolia, and he swiftly pushed the feeling aside. Magnolia’s death would solve all their problems. With her gone, no one would know who Sean and Fides were, or how to find them. “If she dies, all the spells will be removed from you, right? There will be no way to track us?”

Fides inhaled sharply and didn’t reply. Instead he busied himself and placed TJ among the strewn sheets and comforter on the bed.

“Are the spells off you?” Sean pressed worriedly. “I don’t even know how I was able to let you speak. I could have blasted your throat off, for all the skill I have in this.” Sean’s concern only grew when Fides wouldn’t meet his gaze. He reached out and pressed a hand to his the demon’s shoulder. “Are you in danger? Are we in danger?”

“I don’t know,” Fides finally answered. He kept his head ducked down and his face was obscured by his long dreads of hair. “If Magnolia is dead, the spells should all lift. But I don’t know enough about human magic. The witches use incantations and nonsense words and it’s very different from our power. We know to take the wands from the witches so they can’t be used against us, but that is the extent of most knowledge. We have sent those to discover these secrets, but none have returned.”

Fides lifted his head and turned to meet Sean’s worried gaze. “Many have died. If they are not captured and sold, they are drained for their power and killed. I hoped to change things, but…” he trailed off with a defeated sigh.

Sean thought he might understand. “It’s a one-sided war. You’re not battling an army; you’re battling a bunch of opportunists who see you as a resource to get more power.”

Fides nodded at his insight. “There is no fortress to storm, no organized enemy to defeat. Entire villages of my people are systematically picked apart by a mere handful of these witches. I thought coming here would reveal something, some sort of source to all this madness. I thought…” Sean’s hand slipped into his, and Fides paused to stare down at their entwined fingers. “I did not come here to find you.” His eyes burned over Sean as he tugged him closer and wrapped tail and tendrils around his form. “I’m seeking my lost people. I’m seeking a way to seal my realm from this world. I never thought to find a mate. Certainly not two. Certainly not humans.”

Sean arched as he was pulled closer, and Fides slid hands and tentacles down his body. “Yeah, well, ditto,” he said breathlessly. “Out of all the things I was planning to do today, none of this fell into it.” He bit his lip and smirked. “I couldn’t have ever anticipated someone like you, you annoying little sootball.”

Fides grinned fiercely, surged forward, and kissed Sean’s lips until they were swollen. When he pulled away, Sean could read the want in his eyes, and damn him, he couldn’t help but return it.

“Come, we must prepare.” Instead of throwing him down and fucking him like Sean expected, Fides instead unwound from the press of his flesh and took him by the hand.

“What?” Sean blinked at the uncharacteristic restraint of his demon lover, and then stumbled as he was tugged away from the bed. “Soot, wait.” Sean quickly let his hand go, afraid he was going to tumble and crush the kitten who apparently followed them into the room. “Crap,” Sean muttered as he watched the little gray fluffball daintily pick through the debris on the floor. He didn’t have a litter box. No toys. Damn, no food.

“What are we going to feed you?” he asked down at Ferdinand, who completely ignored Sean to paw distractedly at a crumpled shirt.

Sean huffed and glared as he looked around his ruined room. “Damn it, Soot. Just what the fuck was this all about?” He waved his hand around the mess and turned toward Fides. “You can’t possibly live like this, so don’t you dare bullshit me. No one can live in such a mess. It’s disgusting. And what the hell is that smell?” Sean wrinkled his nose as he got another whiff of the powerful, musky odor wafting from the bed. “Did you seriously piss in here?”

Fides breathed in deep and grinned on his exhale. “Scented. This is our mating place, and all must know.” His eyes blazed with lust as he looked at Sean. “My scent will keep competing mates away to ensure a successful breeding. No demon would dare cross into this space without knowing they face the deadliest of consequences.”

“What, like tripping and smelling gross?” Sean wasn’t impressed as he took in the damage and internally counted the hours of work it would take to clean the place and repair the wall. He couldn’t have TJ living in this mess. He’d break his leg the second he got out of bed. And given a chance, Sean was pretty sure the kitten would think his entire apartment was a litter box if something wasn’t done soon.

Sean’s eyes fell to a flash of dark red, and he reached over and pulled one of his favorite band t-shirts from the pile. He refrained from swearing, and he shrugged out of his shredded shirt and pulled the soft tee over his head. After the bedroom, he still needed to clean the living room, and the huge hole the demon left in the kitchen wall. He’d need a damn construction crew just to keep up with Fides weird kink of breaking everything just to get him angry.

A sparkle lit Fides’s eyes when he turned, and Sean paused, wary to find he was being watched. “It’s my favorite shirt,” Sean warned the longer Fides stared at him. The response was far from encouraging when Fides flashed sharp fangs, and his gaze moved hungrily over Sean’s body.

“Many of my kind cover in red to attract mates.” Fides stepped forward, and something snapped under his foot as he crowded Sean back until he was flush against the closet wall. “Usually, it is in the blood of our enemies.” Fides pressed his face to Sean’s hair and inhaled his scent. “This is still enticing.”

Sean swallowed hard as lips teased along the sensitive flesh of his neck. “Good. I’m not really the bathe in the blood of my enemies type.”

“I’ve noticed. You’re the yell and demand until you get your way type.” Fides grinned against his flesh. “Also extremely enticing.”

Sean couldn’t tell if he was being insulted or seduced. It was hard to think clearly with so much heat flooding him, and Fides’s hard body pressed to his. “You said we needed to prepare for something?” Sean panted out.

“Yes. The den. We must prepare.” Fides sounded just as distracted as him, and his mouth trailed a hot path down to the hollow of Sean’s throat. He suddenly grunted, and his head reared back. Sean blinked at him, and the two of them looked down to find Ferdinand at their feet. The kitten had pounced on Fides’s tail and was gnawing his needle sharp fangs into the whip like appendage.

Sean’s eyes widened, and he went to shoo the kitten away. Fides killed a dragon, and the stupid fluffball didn’t stand a fucking chance.

Fides was faster, and Sean held his breath when the demon’s tail twisted and wrapped around the little kitten. “Don’t hurt him,” Sean insisted. TJ would kill him if anything happened to the fluffy thing.

“Be calm.”

The kitten hissed ferociously when Fides scooped him up. Ferdinand dug claws into Fides’s flesh vengefully when he was placed on his shoulder high above the floor. He clawed and twisted around his perch while Fides grinned and scritched behind his twitching ear. “Baby,” Fides cooed as the kitten pawed at his swaying tentacles.

“That’s not…” Sean stared as Fides insisted on cuddling the kitten, who seemed more interested in sinking fangs into him than anything else. “He’s just a normal cat, not a shapeshifter. Not food,” Sean added nervously. Just what the hell did Fides eat?

Fides didn’t seem particularly upset when one of his tentacles was gnawed on by the little beast. “He’s a baby, and he needs space.” Fides looked around the bedroom and pointed to the wall he broke when last there. “The walls must come down.”

Sean was still trying to process whatever bizarre friendship was happening between Fides and the kitten. The prickly thing seemed almost happy to be on the demon’s shoulder. “What?” Sean shook his head as Fides’s words sank in. “No way in fuck. Soot, people live here. I live here. You can’t just go knocking walls down.”

Fides raised an eyebrow and walked over to the wall that connected to the guest room. Sean groaned into his palm when the demon slammed his fist against the wall and made a second large hole in the drywall.

He really needed to stop telling Fides what he could and couldn’t do. Every single time, the demon was quick to show how easy it was. “What the fuck, man? Why do you hate my apartment?” Sean snapped in frustration. He couldn’t afford any of this.

Fides tore his hand down, and the wall pulled apart in dusty clumps. “It’s unsuitable for our needs,” he said simply. “We need far more space. I want the entire floor, perhaps the complete building for defensive purposes.”

“Soot, no! There are families here. You can’t just kick them out of their homes. Damn it, and stop putting holes in the wall!” Sean stalked over, only to yelp when his foot slipped on the mess. His knee buckled, and he fell straight down to the floor. “Fucker.”

Sean blinked up to find Fides staring down at him with a concerned expression.

“I have decided. I’m claiming this building.”

Sean fought his stupor and glowered. “I think I liked you better when you were silent, you arrogant ass.”

“I fear for your safety.” Fides wrapped his tail around Sean’s torso and lifted him to his feet. “The transformation can be trying, and I don’t want you to be harmed.”

Sean’s face went red. “I’m not some weak…”

“You aren’t human anymore,” Fides continued more seriously. “The both of you will no longer be welcome by your people.”

Sean’s breath left him in a rush. “That… that’s not an excuse to kick so many people from their homes.”

“And if you become crazed with the mating fever?” Fides tugged him closer and ran his thumb along Sean’s pointed ear. “If your uncontrollable magic decides to flare out and strike the nearest weak human? What if you become murderous to even scent a stranger near your mate? You don’t know the many things your transformation may bring. You don’t know how to protect yourself right now, but I do.”

“I…” Sean didn’t know. He hadn’t had a moment to think of the consequences to everything that happened the last few days. He barely had time to think at all. He wasn’t human anymore. He was an accomplice to the murder of Divia, and possibly Magnolia if she ended up dead, and he might be on the hit list of a witch he didn’t even know the name of.

Sean pulled away, and his gaze fell to where TJ was asleep on the bed. “Wouldn’t it be better to move us instead? We should find someplace safe.”

“No,” Fides grunted. “The witch’s things are here.”

Sean turned back, surprised by the answer. “Why do we need…?” Fides’s stubborn expression gave him pause, and Sean fell silent. He really didn’t know anything about what Magnolia had done to the demon, or what Fides wanted in terms of revenge. The witches had hunted the demons down. Sean hadn’t just been mated, he had ended up in the middle of some sort of war between a bunch of crazy witches and terribly violent demons.

“Okay. Do what you want,” Sean said heavily. “Just… Just promise me you’ll keep TJ safe. That’s all I care about.”

Fides’s violet eyes seemed to burn as he stared at Sean silently for a moment. “You are my mates. I would die for you.”

Sean swallowed hard. The intensity of Fides’s statement had the hair prickling on his skin, and he was certain the demon meant it. “Yeah, but maybe you could just, you know, live and keep us all from dying?” he offered wryly.

Fides’s lips twitched into a smile. “If that’s what you wish.” Without another word, he turned back to the wall and slashed claws down.

“Soot!” Sean yelped. “Destroy other rooms. Leave my place out of this!”

Fides turned back with his hair coiled gently around Ferdinand to keep him from falling from his shoulder. “What? We need more room for the baby. Much more.”

Sean just stared, at a loss. “The kitten? He’s not a baby. Not, well, really.” Ferdinand was a baby cat, in a squashed nose, prickly way. Sean wasn’t actually sure how much room the little fluffball needed.

“No, the baby,” Fides stressed. He tilted his head as he looked at Ferdinand and then back to Sean. “Perhaps two. I wasn’t expecting two mates. The transformation process usually results in a child.”

“W-What?” Sean sputtered. There was no way he heard that right. “What the fuck does that mean? You do realize I’m a man, right? TJ and I are men, Soot!”

Fides merely shrugged while Sean flustered for something to say. “I’m a demon prince, my pet. Such things usually don’t keep me from getting what I want.”

“Prince? You’re a fucking prince? What?!” Sean fumbled, and his hands shook as he sought something to lean on. He wasn’t hearing this. None of this made sense. “Are you fucking with me, right now?” he demanded. He was mated to a prince? He was mated to a prince who thought he was going to bear his child? What the fuck was happening?

Fides’s eyes glowed twin flames as he placed the kitten on the floor. He crossed the short distance and pulled Sean into his arms. “I can fuck you. I’m always happy to fuck you.”

Sean jolted as he was pushed up against the wall, and Fides kissed down his neck hungrily. “Soot, I’m serious. I can’t handle anymore insanity.”

“Not being inside you makes me insane,” Fides insisted as he pushed Sean’s shirt up his chest and twisted his nipples roughly. “Come, we will mate now and fix the den after. We will need spears and debris in the halls to keep from being surprised by any who step into the den. We will create a perimeter around these two rooms to secure the mating and birthing area. We’ll then need another layer of traps around the perimeter of the apartment, and then the floor itself. The windows will need fortifying, but I have a magic for that.”

Fides pulled away to grin down appreciatively at Sean’s hands. “My magic is not like yours. You have human magic, and it’s very powerful. It will be a great addition to protecting our family in this strange realm. You will know more about your customs, about the dangers. Together we have everything we need to keep our family safe.”

“Soot… I’m a man.” Sean’s brows twisted the longer Fides stared at him. “I can’t have babies. We don’t…” He couldn’t believe he was even having this conversation. “I’m a man,” Sean repeated, unable to find anything else that would make sense while surrounded by such insanity.

“I find your shape pleasing, whatever it may be,” Fides assured him, as if Sean were revealing an insecurity instead of a blatant reality that he was male and couldn’t bear a child. Sean thought to protest, but there just didn’t seem much point. Fides would discover it eventually. His apartment would be destroyed, likely the police would be involved once the demon started kicking people out of the building, and maybe then, finally, Fides would see reason.

Sean’s shoulder’s slumped and he grabbed Fides’s hand. “Just remember your promise, okay? No matter what happens, we take care of him.”

Fides leaned forward and licked his tongue along Sean’s lips. “We will be together forever. I shall protect us all.”

“Okay,” Sean panted out. “And this prince thing? What exactly does…?” It was impossible to think straight with Fides trying to twist his nipples sore. Sean groaned when his mouth was pried open by a tentacle, and Fides’s tongue plunged in to stroke the hot cavity. His cock rubbed against Sean, free from his skintight clothing and dripping with precum. He was already rock hard, and Sean shuddered in white hot lust despite his frustration.

“Damn it, we’ve been over this. Don’t pull your dick out when you’re kissing me.” Sean went to push him away. “Soot, I need some damn answers already. All we do is fuck, and there is so much I don’t understand.”

“If you knew how perfect you feel when you take my dicks, you’d understand my dilemma,” Fides growled shamelessly as he humped against Sean’s pinned form. “Each time we mate, I’m reshaping you, making you mine. I want my cock to mark you on the inside of that tight, perky ass of yours.” His hand slapped down on the side of his ass, and Sean cried out from the hot sting. “I have so much for you. A starving slut like you needs all the cock and cum you can get.”

“Hell.” Sean’s head fell back against the wall and his lips parted to take the four fingers Fides thrust into his mouth. He moaned heatedly around the digits as tentacles wrapped around his chest, neck, and hips, and his pants were pushed down his thighs and off his legs. It was a squirming wave of heat and friction as his erection was encased in firm coils and his cheeks spread open by the multiple tentacle tips. A thick one pressed against his pucker, and Sean jerked and jolted when he realized Fides had plumped up his tail into a thick, dripping cock while they’d been talking.

Seriously, the demon was a damn deviant.

Fides groaned as he pressed against Sean’s entrance and fluid smeared the sore flesh. Sean’s soft gasps grew in intensity as tentacles teased at his flesh as well. “That’s it. Show your master how you take everything I gift you.”

Sean’s tongue stilled from where he was licking Fides’s fingertips. His eyes cracked open and glowed green in the dim light of the bedroom as he pulled his head away. “Master?”

Fides was unapologetic as he palmed over Sean’s ass cheek and spread him wider. “You are still a mere human, pet.” He licked Sean’s lips and teased along his tongue. “Humans are so backwards, weak, and easily corrupted. We have been at war with your witches for many centuries. It is difficult to let some things go.”

Sean reached down, his hand held determinedly between the press of their bodies while he mulled. “Am I your mate, or am I your slave? Do you think you own me?” he asked. Sean was half afraid of the answer. It wasn’t like he ever had an opportunity to talk to Fides about what all this fucking meant to the demon.

Fides chuckled at the serious expression Sean was wearing. Sean’s glare did nothing to dim his wicked smirk. “My pet, you are well aware I own you.”

Sean flushed, slammed his hands on Fides’s chest, and pushed him back. The demon, as usual, refused to budge. “You crazy, son-of-a-bitch! No one owns me!”

“I own your body, including that nasty tongue of yours,” Fides continued evenly, and his eyes sparkled in the face of Sean’s rage. “I own your dick and every drop of seed it releases. I own your sweet, clenching hole.” He palmed up Sean’s chest firmly and rubbed over one of his aching buds. “I own your cries, your yells, and every whimper and tremble and gasp you make.”

Sean groaned and grasped the tail that was again trying to push between his cheeks. He was only more pissed off by how hot he was getting. This shouldn’t turn him on. Fides thinking he was actually his sex thrall was messed up. “Damn it, Soot, I’m serious. I’m not a fucking pet. I’m a person.”

Fides grin slipped away, and his expression grew serious as he stared down into Sean’s angry green eyes. “You are my mate, and I am your master. I have made you in my image, and if I wish for you to be my pet, then you are my pet.” He pressed a slow kiss to Sean’s grimace. “Right now, I wish for you to shudder in release and make those cries of yours I enjoy.”

Sean growled furiously. “I am not your… Ah. Ah, fuck.” Sean fell silent with a gasp as Fides thrust his tail forward and it pushed into his already stretched hole. The cum that hadn’t been cleaned free leaked down and coated the shaft and long tail. “Damn it. This is not the proper way of things,” Sean muttered. He couldn’t focus, and his head fell back as pleasure hit him in overwhelming waves, and Fides’s cock slid in deeper.

Hell, he wanted it. He always wanted it when Fides touched him, and nothing else fucking mattered when he was buried deep inside him. Sean gave in and rocked, trying to get Fides deeper inside him. He needed to feel him along every inch of his channel.

“That’s it. I know what you need, pet.” Fides lifted Sean up into his arms, pulled his shaking limbs around him, and carried him to the bed. Sean barely noticed they were moving, his focus consumed by the tail fucking deep inside his hole while tentacles wriggled, pulsed, and slender tips began to probe at his filled entrance and push inside.

“Oh fuck… oh. Oh!” Sean cried out. He buried his face against Fides’s neck as tentacles suddenly plunged into him. The tendrils sought out his prostate and assaulted it with tormenting touches. “I can’t. I… I… Soot.” Sean’s claws tore into Fides’s flesh, and his back arched as tears streaked hot down his cheeks. It was good, so good, and way too much. Slick thrusts took his hole, wet with all the cum Fides left in him and the fresh spurts of fluid. It was a twisting, wiggling knot of flesh Sean couldn’t comprehend as he was taken completely, and lost to the overwhelm of being filled.

Sean couldn’t understand how he could keep getting off, but his orgasm was already approaching. Not human. He really wasn’t human anymore.

Sean cried out as his body jerked and he came. His cum splattered between his and Fides’s hard bodies. Sean shook uncontrollably, and his limbs trembled as Fides placed him down on the bed and pinned him in place with his tentacles. Violet eyes burned into his as the thick cock inside his passage began to thrust in earnest as it sought release. Sean moaned weakly, his face flushed and body trembling as his hole was taken relentlessly.

“Do you feel it? Your body changes shape, welcomes every inch of me,” Fides rumbled breathlessly as he watched Sean squirm and take his tail cock. “You are my mate. You are meant for this.”

Sean didn’t want to agree, no matter how good Fides felt inside him. He held his breath, and bit back a fresh cry when he felt Fides’s cock swell and pulse inside him. It was so much. He kept filling him with so much of his cum, Sean wasn’t sure if he wasn’t made of it by now.

Fides groaned and sank down, careful not to crush Sean or TJ as he stretched out on the bed and caught his breath. Fides tail continued to plunge slowly into his aching hole, and his tentacles, although looser, refused to release Sean completely as they caressed his sweat covered body.

“Do you think I cannot sense your desire?” Fides murmured as he pressed his mouth to Sean’s ear. “Your body cannot lie to me. You know you are meant for this, the same way I am meant to spill all my seed when you touch me. We belong together, my mate. One soul in two bodies. Three,” he amended as his gaze flickered to where TJ slept beside them. “Together we are one.”

Sean glared half heartedly as he waited for the room to stop spinning. “I’m not calling you master,” he finally muttered. Fides could think whatever the fuck he wanted, but Sean had no intention of being a sex thrall. He wasn’t owned. He wasn’t.

“It’s enough your body knows who you belong to,” Fides rumbled agreeably as he kissed the corner of Sean’s lips. “You respond to my touch, my gaze, my voice. Even now, your heart races to feel my against your skin.”

Sean huffed. The answer was beyond annoying, partially because it was true. His body was a total slut for Fides, and it was impossible to deny it when wrapped up in his tentacles and feeling those slender tips explore his flesh.

Sean sighed as Fides pulled him into his embrace, and he hooked his knee over the demon’s thigh. “You sure I’m not just hard for him?” Sean said a little spitefully as his eyes fell on TJ.

Fides tilted his head, and a tentacle cupped Sean’s face to guide him back to his gaze. “If you are, that too is also mine. He is a gift from me to you. Now everything you feel for him will also be in gratitude for what I have given you.”

The devious fucker. Sean shook his head and laughed incredulously. “You’re out of your mind.”

“If I am, then I am your mad prince, and you must follow me into the same wild decent. I order it,” Fides murmured against Sean’s lips as he kissed him deeply. “You are mine. My mate. My love. I will kill for you. Fight for you. I will slay any who dare try to separate us. You will always be mine.”

It was possessive and insane, and everything Sean needed to hear. He moaned and tangled his fingers into Fides’s hair as he pulled him closer and opened to his tongue. “I’m not calling you prince, either,” he insisted between hungry kisses.

“You’re infuriating,” Fides growled and plundered Sean’s mouth relentlessly as if he could somehow convince him. His tail gave a twitch in his channel, and Sean gasped and glared that the demon would play so unfair. Sean swiftly twisted his hands into Fides’s tentacled hair and wrenched his head back.

“You’re mine just as much as I’m yours,” Sean insisted breathlessly. “If you know that you own me, then I know the same. You’re my sex thrall, you total perv.”

Fides’s violet eyes glared down at him, and his lips parted in pleasure when Sean pulled his hair tighter. “If that is what you want of me. I will give my mates whatever they need.”

“Then I guess we have an agreement.” Sean released his hold and cupped Fides’s face. The demon was beautiful, and he felt his chest clench painfully as he stared at his features. Sean leaned up and pressed a soft kiss to Fides’s lips. “My prince.”

Fides’s eyes widened and his cheeks flushed to have won. “My love.” Fides surged down and hungrily kissed his chin and throat while Sean laughed huskily. TJ, oblivious to it all, slept peacefully beside them.

Sean may have already lost himself in a wild decent of madness, and he didn’t fucking care. He had everything he wanted, and he wasn’t going to let anyone take it from him. TJ was his, Fides was his, and even that prickly fluffball was his. So what if an entire building of people had to move? Sean had his perfectly wonderful riffraff family, and he was done losing.

Now, he just had to convince TJ. Really, what was the point of magic if you couldn’t have everything you want?

Hellcat 26


Aw, fuck. Sean’s insides felt like jelly at the simple words. Soot sounded like sex. His first damn words, and they were all sex. Sean took unsteady steps, blind to anything but Soot. He had to keep from reaching out as he stopped in front of the waiting demon and stared up at him.

“So you talk?” Sean managed to get out.

Soot’s eyes gleamed. “Yes.”

Sean exhaled slowly as his mind raced. Soot wasn’t a shapeshifting animal. He wasn’t a mimic who pretended to be more. A person. He was a tall, gorgeous, shapeshifting person. “Then you understand me.”

Soot titled his head and smirked. “That’s somewhat harder than anticipated.”

Damn it. Sean blushed and looked away, only to whirl back. “You know what I mean, you ass. You understand my language. The words and… hell.” Sean fell silent when Soot’s tail wrapped around his waist and pulled him close.

“Yes, I understand your words,” Soot assured with his lips mere inches from Sean’s.

“Good. That’s… uh, good.” Sean couldn’t remember what he was going to say. All his anger, confusion, and fear just slipped away when he stared into Soot’s eyes. TJ whimpering finally broke Sean back to reality, and he glanced around to find his friend panting on the floor feet away. TJ was disoriented and…

“You tied him up?” Sean pulled his gaze from TJ’s swollen lips and looked imploringly to Soot. “Why did you tie him up? Why is he here at all? What the fuck is going on?”

“I brought him here.” At Sean’s glare, Soot elaborated. “I tracked his energy and found him, and then I brought him to where I tracked your energy.”

Sean glanced sideways to where TJ was as he thought. He wasn’t really sure if he wanted to know how Soot could just track them through a huge city. “Yes, but why? Why the hell would you kidnap my friend and drag him up here where he could get eaten by that dragon?”

Soot caught Sean’s chin and guided his gaze back to him. “I didn’t know you would be up here. I just went to where your energy was. This was all a surprise.” His expression was unreadable as he looked around the room. “You are very good at finding trouble.”

“Oh.” Sean deflated and grabbed his pained head. Nothing was making sense. “I still don’t understand. The last time I saw you, we were, well, fighting, right? You took off because I brought him up. Then you showed up with him, and I have to assume the worst. I mean, you killed that witch. I just thought…” Sean trailed off as Soot’s tail wrapped around his wrist, and he was pulled with smooth steps across the room.

Sean licked his lips as he stared at his friend. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from where TJ was struggling fitfully to free his hands from the shadowy rope binding his arms in place. He knew it was wrong, but seeing TJ tied up had all those crazy, lust filled thoughts flooding his brain again. He was so sexy. It would be ridiculously easy to do anything to TJ while he was tied up.

“I brought him to you.” Soot reached TJ in swift strides after he released Sean. He grabbed TJ by the hair and pulled him up to his feet.

TJ hissed in pain and tried to break free. “Get off me. Fuck. Damn it,” he whimpered when Soot pulled him back tight against his chest. TJ’s dark eyes were half hidden by his heavy eyelids, and his plump lips were even more swollen than when Sean last saw him. Sean just couldn’t stop staring; TJ looked helpless and impossibly hot.

“You want him, correct?” Soot spoke to Sean. His violet eyes narrowed, and his grin looked more pointed than usual when he directed it down at TJ’s flushed face. “If you want something, I will provide.” With a growl, he pushed TJ into Sean’s arms and stepped away. “I have provided.”

Sean lurched when TJ’s knees buckled, and he carefully guided him to the floor. “Are you okay?” he asked TJ roughly. TJ nodded and looked very interested in the shiny tiled floor as he avoided Sean’s eye and collected himself.

Sean’s eyebrows scrunch as he tried to make sense of what Soot had just said. “You what? Provided?” He peered over TJ’s head and found Soot looking particularly aloof, with his arms crossed over his chest and gaze fixed off in the distance.

Well, damn it. “TJ, can you give us a second?”

“Give you a…?” TJ gaped when Sean stood. “Seriously? Sean, he tied me up!” TJ’s voice cracked with emotion, and Sean froze. When he turned back, he found his friend on the verge of tears.

Sean swooped down. His chest felt too tight as he drank in TJ’s every expression. “I’m here. No one will hurt you.” Even as he said the words, Sean knew how dangerous it was to be trusted in that moment. It took everything to keep from pulling TJ close, from kissing him, hell, from making him cry. He was so sexy, and somehow TJ all tied up made it more so. Sean wanted to be terrible to him, and he fought the urge valiantly. “I’ll be just a second, TJ, then I’ll get you home. I promise.”

TJ’s cheeks flushed, and he swallowed hard. “Sean, about what happened at Magnolia’s apartment… That kiss…”

“Later,” Sean promised. TJ nodded dumbly, and Sean itched to kiss him. Dangerous. Really fucking dangerous. Sean jumped to his feet. “I’ll be right back.”

He found Soot wandering to where he conquered the dragon and now acting even more apathetic. Sean suppressed a sigh and stalked over to the demon determinedly. He caught his arm when Soot refused to face him. “Seriously?”

Soot grunted and pulled away.

Sean shook his head and stomped in front of Soot before he could run off. “You destroy my place like it’s nothing, but this, this is when you want to be passive aggressive?”

“Would you rather I have killed him?” Soot’s teeth took on a particularly sharp edge. “It is easily remedied.”

“No! What the hell is wrong with you?” Sean went to shove Soot, but his wrist was caught. He exhaled heavily as his eyes locked with violet hellfire. “I love him,” he whispered.

“That has been established.” Soot pulled him closer. When he leaned down, their lips brushed ever so slightly. “I brought him for you.”

Sean closed his eyes, flooded with possibility by those words. “Soot, I love him, but I can’t have him. TJ doesn’t love me. You can’t just kidnap someone.”

“No one stopped me,” Soot said with a soft snort. He traced fingertips down Sean’s cheek and added more compellingly, “He is my gift to you. I wish for you to be happy.”

“H-Happy?” Sean spluttered and snapped his eyes open. “You’re out of your mind! Kidnapping is a crime, you—hey!” Sean growled when Soot surged forward and sealed their lips together. He wasn’t remotely done yelling at the idiot. He tried to push back, but Soot’s powerful arms wrapped around him and pulled him close. Sean gave in with a throaty groan as his mouth was devoured hungrily.

Fuck, he missed this, loved this. He craved Soot’s kisses like breathing at this point. Sean chased Soot’s lips when he pulled away. He almost grabbed him and pulled him back, but he managed to catch himself. Sean scowled when he saw the amusement in the demon’s gaze.

“Your eyes flash beautifully when you’re angry.” Soot’s fingers combed through Sean’s hair, then slid down his throat and chest in hot trails. “I can’t resist you.”

Sean had to fight the urge to find a sturdy surface so he could slam Soot against it and kiss him senseless. “I’m fucking serious here. I never agreed to any of this insanity. You definitely shouldn’t have dragged TJ into this.”

Soot’s eyes raked down Sean’s heaving form. “The moment I saw you, I knew you were mine.” Multiple tails slowly wrapped around Sean’s unsuspecting form. They coiled tight around his torso and legs and pulled him up against the demon’s body. Soot’s cheeks grew flushed, and he licked sharp teeth as he watched Sean struggle and gasp in his hold. “I ached when I was away from you. Did you feel it, my angry love? Did you miss me?”

Sean closed his eyes and tried to escape the blush lighting his entire body. It was impossible to not respond to the tails teasing over him and seeking entrance beneath his clothes. “Soot, I…” Sean groaned as a tail tip pressed to his lips. “Soot.”

“Fides. I am named Fides.”

“Oh.” Sean blinked and met intense violet eyes. He might look like a Fides more than a sootball. Sean gaze slipped down to the black flesh teasing across his lips. He reached his tongue out and shuddered as he licked the tip. Fuck, but he really missed this. Every hot, dirty moment. “Fides, there’s a lot we need to talk about.”

Fides grinned and cupped Sean’s face. “You talk enough for the both of us, my emerald-eyed pet.” His fingers pressed to the small protrusions on Sean’s forehead. “You’re nearly transformed. Already, I feel the power growing in you. Your magic is strong.”

“About that…” Sean’s lips parted as the tail tip traced along one of his new fangs. His skin felt tight, hot, like that fever he thought might have left was suddenly burning through him again. He wanted him. He wanted Fides so bad, it ached all the way through him. “What exactly am I turning into?”

Fides stilled. His eyes glowed a moment when he leaned down and pulled Sean close by his chin. “Perhaps we do not understand each other well enough, after all. You are my mate, pretty human.”

Mate? What the hell happened to boyfriend? “Mate? Divia said it was some sort of, uh, sex thrall.” Sean fought a blush. “That you owned me.”

Fides scowled, and sharp points raised all along his flesh for a moment before he soothed his anger down. “What does an outsider like her understand? Just as surely as you have my heart, I will have you. In all ways.” Fides rubbed down Sean’s chest and inhaled deeply as he scented his jaw. “Is it a crime with you humans to wish for you to be less fragile? To want you to live longer so we can spend many years together?” He pressed lips to Sean’s flesh and nipped down his jaw. “To mark you with my horns, my scent, my seed so all will know you belong to me and only me?”

“Oh, hell.” The room spun, and Sean clutched to Fides as he licked up his throat. “The horns?”

“They will show everyone you are mine, my mate. The pattern is distinct to the demon who claims you.” Fides ran his thumb over one of the tender points. “You will always be connected to me. Marked by me. Mine.”

Fire rushed through Sean, and he twined his arms around Fides’s neck and tilted his head back as his throat was nipped and sucked by the demon in rough burst. “Fuck, okay. Just…” Sean moaned and thrust against Fides. He was too hard to care about anything at that moment but the taste and feel of the man determined enough to transform him to keep him. A part of Sean wanted to be outraged, wanted to point out what a shitty thing it was to do without even asking him, hearts involved or not. But that part was muffled by the blood burning through his veins, and the crazy, wild need he had to claim Fides back. He wanted to mark him, own him, and never lose him.

“Are you… are you changing me?” Sean gasped out as he placed a restraining hand on Fides’s powerful shoulder. “I mean, are you making it so I can’t help but want you? I’ve never… I’m not like this.”

Fides chuckled softly and straightened so he was looking down into Sean’s dazed eyes. “You don’t remember when we first me? I was innocently trying to heal you of your rather delicious wounds, and you pulled me down and started kissing me like a wild animal.”

Sean blinked. “What?”

“You were insatiable, staving. I thought you were one of mine in a different form, you were so hungry for touch.” Fides’s laughter rumbled free when Sean continued to stare at him with disbelief in his eyes. “You twisted my hair and wouldn’t let me go. I wasn’t sure if the witch was yelling at me or at you when she came charging in.”

“You’re so full of shit,” Sean muttered, his cheeks flushed red. He totally remembered that kiss differently. Fides laughed louder at his denial.

The bastard. Sean glared and went to pull away, but Fides quickly growled, surged forward, and kissed him deeply. Sean moaned, and his anger evaporated the instant Fides’s lips covered his. He pulled at the demon’s dark, silky hair and wrenched him closer. Their bodies crushed together and tongues tangled in hot fire.

Fuck, fine, whatever. He really loved how Fides kissed.

Sean fumbled for the demon’s horn and held him tight as they gasped for air. His gaze slipped down and Sean leaned forward to sensually nip Fides’s bottom lip. “I missed this. I missed you,” Sean sighed before claiming his lips again. Fides gripped him hard around the waist and pulled Sean up so their cocks ground together. Sean groaned and pulled his mouth free to glare into the eyes that haunted him since he had first seen the violet orbs. “Don’t ever leave me like that again.”

“Sean.” Fides’s voice was rough as he grabbed Sean’s ass and wrenched him tight against his hard body. “I want you. Now.” He kissed Sean with bruising force, then pulled away just as abruptly. “But first, your gift.”

“My… TJ?” Sean gripped Fides’s arm hard and refused to let him go when he caught sight of his friend.

TJ was dazed and trying to push off the floor with his arms bound. He looked particularly helpless, and Sean fought the dark swirling in his core that found it absolutely sexy. He wanted to push TJ down, pull the pants from his squirming form, and fuck him senseless. Hell, he wanted to devour him, his kisses, his cock, his cum. And then he wanted Fides to take him, to fuck him and flood him while he was claimed. Images flashed in his mind of flesh and sweat, and Sean shook his head roughly.

“You need to let him go,” Sean said with as much determination as he could muster. “You have to.”

“Do I?” Fides huffed in disagreement and slipped from Sean’s grip. “You were nearly melted by that dragon when you tried to save the pretty thing. I know you wish to keep him.” Fides blurred and was suddenly across the room. He crouched down next to TJ, who gasped in surprise. “Come, play with him. He’s wonderfully responsive.”

Sean narrowed his eyes while he tried to calm his strained breathing. Nothing good would come from that particular wicked grin. Sean wiped his mouth with his wrist and followed after with resolved steps. “I’m serious, Soot. He’s not a toy. You can’t just go stealing away every guy you think is hot.” Even if it was TJ, who was beyond hot. He was sexy, gorgeous, fucking perfect.

Fides held TJ by the neck with his tail, and his eyes glittered as Sean stomped up. TJ was slumped across the demon’s muscular thighs as he struggled to draw breath in. His face was flushed and arms bound before him.

“Let him go,” Sean demanded. He knelt down and pulled at the tail wrapped around TJ’s neck. “I’m so sorry about this, TJ. He’s confused. He doesn’t understand how we do things around here.”

Fides snorted at the blatant lie, and he quickly pulled TJ into his arms before Sean could free him. Sean growled and reached for TJ’s shoulder, but froze when Fides shimmered and his face began to morph.

“What are you…? Oh.” Sean swallowed hard when Fides’s features reformed and he found himself staring at two TJs, one who was smiling a familiar, wicked grin. “You’re fucking crazy,” Sean rasped as he fought a fresh wave of lust and crazed sexual thoughts.

“He merely requires some convincing.” Fides’s hair was a dark drape as he bent over TJ, held his face in place, and claimed his lips. “Gently,” Fides murmured, his voice a perfect imitation of TJ’s quiet tones as he slid wet lips over gasping ones. “You’re far more delicate than my fiery mate. Such a shy, pretty pet.” His grip on TJ’s jaw tightened. Fides guided him up, dipped his tongue slowly into TJ’s mouth, and stroked in sensual touches.

TJ whimpered under the gentle assault. His breath was ragged and chest heaved as Fides stole kiss after deep kiss, and held his head in place so he couldn’t escape every touch of tongue and nip of teeth. “Good. Very good, pet.” Fides pulled away with a grin and took in TJ’s dazed, flushed expression. His gaze slipped down TJ’s trembling body to where his erection was tenting his pants.

Fides glanced up, and his smirk was pure wickedness as he met Sean’s gaze. “Well? Don’t you want a turn?”

Gah, Okay, Stuff!!! 🍪🍪🍪

Whoot, my head is killing me. Lots of $0.99 MM reads below!

Hey, babes. Uh… I had an idea. I know, that’s kinda my thing. I get ideas and write them down and *snort* it’s a book! XD So, some while back I had this fun idea for a kind of Demon Virus reboot. For those who missed it, Demon Virus is a free fic you can snag where the concept was the MC gets stalked through the computer by a pretty rapey incubus. Like, I wanted to make a series or a novel out of Mikey and Will hunting down the bastard incubus who changed him and others and find a way to be changed back. Except, they need to first find the next virginal victim, so Will has been tracking the incubus’s movements online as best he can, while Mikey is trying to get the thralls who are changed to not totally lose their minds from the change—yeah, cuz drama! And I was going to open on this party where they think the next strike is already underway, introduce the characters in the game and then…

Well, I think this would be another fun plot line for one of those choose your own adventure things. Because I could do so much with it. My brain loves this kind of interactive novel idea where you have the reader making choices just looking to get to all the sexy outcomes and I feel like this plot could totally suit a lot of sexy outcomes. Like ridiculous, fun, pick a character, pick a conflict and go with it. Who would be the guy chosen as the sacrifice to lure the incubus in? Would it work or will the Incubus choose someone else? What if the guy chickens out last second, goes and has sex with someone—because he doesn’t want to risk being turned into a mindless sex thrall—and someone else is picked as a result and the plan thwarted? What if Mikey can’t keep Will from being a total horny bastard (even though Mikey is the sex thrall and Will the damn human!) What happens when a bunch of poor, tormented sex thralls end up at a college party? What happens if the Incubus is actually caught?!!

I love everything about this idea, of being able to write both stories, all options (at least, the most fun, sexy ones.) Just, I still have no clue how to fucking do it. XD I think that’s why my brain is all over this. I want to solve the problem of it. The multiple plots, the how to branch a story and allow it to double back, or just end. It’s such a project and my brain loves problem solving—plus the whole writing of sexy sex. XD I could fit just about any kink I want in there depending on the branch of the story. Straight to gay, first time, incest, monster sex, multi, sex thrall gangbang—it’s a thing now that I can conceive it. Lol. And what if such a concentration of paranormal beings like incubi sex thralls attracts the attention of other paranormal beings?

It really is just this fun, anything goes kind of concept. Love it. I could set it up on the website for starters—I can’t even imagine formatting the book just yet… okay, I can because my brain is on this shit, but still. I could set it up, start it as a free thing cus it’s interactive, maybe have some extra sexy branches locked so the subscribers feel they’re getting their value for supporting me. Squee, so many possibilities… Oh, maybe I could do subscriber polls to help decide which path to explore next?!

I have defined the ending of Hellcat (at least 10,000 words more @[email protected]) and am writing it into reality this week. Ah, TJ, you’re so screwed. <3 Then it’s back to Sorcerer Slayer (yay!!!) and I think the Demon Virus idea—unless something else catches me first. Oh, I nearly have the next Demon Bonded fully outlined and sketched, too. Ky’s going to school! Oh, oh, oh, and I keep forgetting to tell people. Demon Bonded #10 is out of KU and now permanently available for $0.99. Snag it if you haven’t yet.

*deep breath* I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Lol, excuse my manic joyful blathering. I’m having fun in my head again. XD

Laws of Attraction- $0.99

Welcome to the world of Luke Hanson.

Every few months he has to move to a new town, so friendships and relationships are as fleeting as the scenery.

Until he ends up in Glendale for the last months of high school, where he meets the resident bad boy, Kris.

Kris is enigmatic and mysterious. With his tattoos, wit and guitar skills, he’s every girl’s, and Luke’s, dream – but he keeps distance from everyone.

Living on the two ends of society, with Luke in the uptown and Kris in the poorest neighborhood where poverty and abuse are a normal occurrence, will Luke be able to pass the emotional barriers Kris had set in place and have a real relationship?

Laws of Attraction is the first in series of MM contemporary romances, but can be read as a standalone novella with a HFN ending.
Tropes: First Time, Enemies to Lovers, Coming of Age.

Angel’s Feathers

How far would you go for the one you love? How much of yourself would you sacrifice?

Trapped on a decaying Earth and cut off from the rest of the Universe, humans are no longer allowed to leave their planet. Break this one law and you die: a penalty enforced by flyers, aliens who look like angels of long-lost religions. Michael, the flyers’ leader, is the Punisher who carries out every public execution.

Adam, a young human with near-perfect memory, is committed to rebuilding Earth and a true believer in the flyers’ dominion. While Adam’s support for flyers isn’t a secret, his deep love for Michael is. Not even Michael knows, for his kind never take human lovers, and to Adam, they are too far above him to reach.

In his broken and unwelcoming world, Adam’s love can only lead to pain, loss, and disaster. Yet there is no force in the huge expanse of stars and galaxies that can stop Adam from following Michael to the end of existence. Not even Adam’s own beliefs.

Straight By Day- $0.99


What I thought was a casual fling from a hookup app turns out to be a meet-up with the most famous actor in the world. I want nothing more than to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity until I realize he’s in a relationship with an equally famous actress. However, once he informs me that the relationship is simply meant as a public cover-up, I find myself in his hotel room. It doesn’t take long before I realize that a passionate night with Patrick could turn into more than a quick rendezvous.

The other problem? He’s never gone all the way with a man.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve chased a glamorous life of lead roles in action films and multimillion-dollar paychecks, but a one-time hookup turns into more than a quick thrill and forces me to throw caution to the wind. The public may view me as nothing more than an action hero, but Braden sees me for who I really am. The only issue now is figuring out if I’m able to walk away from the fantasy life I’ve built to live the authentic life that I’ve only ever seen in my dreams.

With millions of people watching my every move, I have to decide if I’m strong enough to cast aside fame and fortune and finally embrace what I truly want.

Strays, Links And Demons- $0.99

Episode #10. The line between humanity and demon blurs…
Ky can’t catch a break. While trying to come to terms with the murder he helped commit, the wards to his house are broken into by a new master sorcerer. Stewart Moore is condescending, arrogant, and might be Ky’s hope or doom in his upcoming trial.
The Aeternum, a coven of demon summoners, has laid claim to Tobias’s demons and wand. If Ky can’t convince them he’s going to survive long enough to protect the seven lives he’s bonded to, the coven will forcefully take them.
Ky is betrayed when a new revelation concerning Anselm brings his entire existence into question.
There’s no one to turn to or trust when his only allies are the abused demons who exploit to survive. Ky is submerged in a world of murder, slavery, and sorcery with no way back to his old life. He’s not who he thought he was; he might have never been.

The Drunk Email—free

Nick has had a crush on his older brother for as long as he could remember. Justin is just so perfect; handsome, strong with blond hair and blue eyes. It’s impossible to look anywhere else. Nick never thought he’d ever tell his brother how he felt. That was until Justin went on a school trip out of country and Nick got lonely and really drunk.

Bringing The Sin Back 👄

Hey, first snowfall outside where I am…

Writing up a storm, so apologies for the lateness and quickness of this newsletter. I went back into Hellcat and realized it just didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like a Sadie Sins book, so I channeled my inner deviant and outlined a few new scenes to fix it. My writing has been too tame lately. I came to the conclusion if I don’t have the odd confused reader bitching a one star review that the book is way too dirty and going to ruin impressionable minds, I have failed at my job. There’s no excuse besides a lack of fun, so time to bring the fun back with exaggeration, angst, dubcon, straight to gay, and hard fucking. XD

I have not been having fun lately. Again started taking shit way too seriously. It’s lame. My first and only Christmas story was Obsession, a full incest father/son + burglar. What the hell has been wrong with me lately? I blame Trump, the fucker, and all the sexual misconduct coming out in Hollywood. They don’t know how to make rape into a sexy fantasy, and just ruin it for everyone, the pasty, flabby fucks.

Oh, new Apprentice Saga cover, finally! Did one of Liem, Tobias, and Brave. A kinda villain cover. <3 I should have these guys moved soon and Apprentice Saga republished. Eventually. Busy work is so, well, busy.

Goodies below


Fair Catch — $0.99

Tom Hoffman took a huge risk when he came out early in his football career.

One teammate in particular has always caught his eye. Not only is Chuck Wilson an incredible athlete, but he’s very handsome too. When they’re paired up together for a media event, Tom is thrilled to have the opportunity to greet this new colleague he’s always admired… but it turns out that Chuck isn’t as naturally friendly as Tom is.

Can Tom get through to Chuck and help him overcome his fear? Can Chuck learn to accept himself and move on with his life?




Switch — free

Greg is worried about his best friend Kyle. Kyle’s life seems to be spiraling out of control. Greg doesn’t mind picking up the pieces, but his normally smart, ambitious and good-looking friend seems more distracted than usual after his last break-up. And he’s starting to get annoyed at Greg trying to lend him a hand.
What Greg doesn’t realize is that Kyle is keeping something from him… and it could change both of their lives forever.






Vampire Claus

A lonely vampire and a fearless mortal with no instinct for self-preservation. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

‘Twas the night before Christmas, but what’s stirring is a little more dangerous than a mouse.

Taviano is nearly two hundred years old and never wakes in the same place twice. Weary and jaded, the vampire still indulges in memories of childhood Christmases in Naples. He lingers in shadow, spying on mortals as they enjoy the holiday.

When Taviano spots a handsome young man in Boston loaded down with presents and about to be mugged, he can’t help but intervene. Soon he’s talking to joyous, naïve, strong-willed and funny Paul, a short-order cook who raised funds to buy Christmas presents for LGBTQ children. Before he knows what’s happened, Taviano is wrapped up in Paul’s arms and then in his schemes to get the presents delivered by Christmas morning.

A vampire turned into a Christmas elf… What could go wrong?


Demencious Saga — free this month

This volume contains episodes 1-4 of Demon Bonded, as well as the bonus episode ‘Far From Home’, written by Sadie Sins and previously published 2015-2016. Demencious Saga is the first saga in the mm erotic world of Demon Bonded. This serial is a fun play on monster collecting and male harems. Expect demon bonding, master/slave relationships of mild and abusive nature, multiple partners, magical powers, learning how to be a sorcerer, and conflict with crueler demon masters.

Intangible 29

Chapter Twenty-Eight

He could have had a place here. This could have been his home. He could have been more than a rutting, sex crazed animal who stepped into the forest a man and never returned again. Except Harry took the ring and Draco was forced to face the fact he was a Vesper halfling. Just like his uncle and all the others who came before who howled in the night lost in a sea of lust. He could have been so much more but only with the ring.

Anger surged through Draco greater than his comprehension. It was a roaring fire that boiled his blood and incinerated the mating call Harry was still twisting inside him. Everyone was trying to rule him from his parents, to Voldemort, to his professors, to the oppressive rules of the wizarding world and now this man—this beautiful, maddening, fucked in the head Harry Potter who thought he could decide his life for him. He thought he could steal his ring, touch him, and pull him with the mating call with wave after crashing wave until he bent to his will? No way in hell.

Draco snarled and reached for his power. He smiled savagely when uncertainty flashed in Harry’s eyes. “Draco…” Light beamed from Draco’s form and Harry was sent crashing back head over heels.

“You fucking dick!” Draco stalked after Harry’s muscular form as he skidded over dirt and fallen Vesper. “You’ve been unconscious for the last goddamn week, you don’t know shit about anything, and you just barge in here, stomp my family flat, and steal my fucking ring? Who the fuck do you think you are, Potter? Have you lost your goddamn mind? Did your scar finally split your skull open and release whatever brains you had left? I’m not your fucking toy! I’m nobody’s toy!”

“Draco, shit, hold on,” Harry gasped. He pushed himself to his feet and stumbled back when Draco surged after him.

Draco grabbed him by the hair and growled as he continued to yell. “I came here to save your miserable life, Potter! I faced my biggest, most terrifying fears to make sure no one killed you. They wanted to; they were going to take you out just at the possibility you might turn into a crazy asshole. And you—you go and prove them right by doing something so irresponsible, so selfish!” Draco twisted his hair hard. “I should have killed you myself!”

“Just calm down. I’m sorry!” Harry yelped and held his hands up in surrender as he tried to crouch away from Draco’s hold. “Draco, you’re getting feathery and it has to hurt with all those scales sprouting and… Shit. Breath, Draco.”

“Stop telling me what to do!” Draco hollered even as he gasped for air. The world spun. Draco groaned loudly, shoved Harry away, and covered his face with newly taloned hands. Fucking Potter. Fucking Potter, he was turning into a dragon slut. Draco shuddered as his back roared fire moments before his tail pushed free and wings shook loose. What remained of his clothing fell around him in a confetti of fabric.

Fuck. Fucking hell, he wasn’t going down like this!

Draco whirled and turned his piercing glare back to Harry. “You let them up right this fucking instant,” he ordered. “Now! And you better not have hurt them, or so help me, I’ll beat you senseless. These are good people. Good!”

He wasn’t sure why Harry was smiling at him. The pain in the ass bastard looked like he was ready to burst out laughing. Still, the pressure lifted with Harry’s nod and the Vesper were free to move. Draco searched the ground and found Matten. He grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up to his feet.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry he did… Why the fuck is everyone smiling at me?” Draco snarled. He pushed the grinning Matten away and took in the multitude of idiotic, sappy smiles the Vesper were directing at him now they were no longer groaning in pain.

Draco’s breath hitched and he bit his lower lip; they looked different. Matten was free of scars and clothes and there was a soft glow to his skin. Scales shimmered over his flesh and feathers peeked free behind sharp ears. He couldn’t help but notice even though he could see Matten’s true form, he wasn’t jumping the man and begging to be fucked. Hell, he wasn’t even laughing crazily anymore.

Draco licked dry lips. Maybe the crazy was from the moments before the transformation and not the final change? Did they get this wrong the same way they misjudged everything else when it came to the Vesper?

“Halfling, you are stunning.” Matten’s voice was full of awe as he stared at Draco. “Even more so in this dimension. Your glow is bright, compelling. You truly are made for us.” There was a daze to his eyes and sheen to his skin which only grew more intense the longer he stared at Draco.

“Matten?” Draco took a step back when Matten was grabbed from behind, spun, and kissed fiercely. Matten growled against Haille’s lips and threaded fingers into his long hair as he grappled him closer. Moans rose up all around them as the Vesper’s fear and pain was replaced by a maddening pulse of need. A worried expression painted Draco’s face as he watched the Vesper become lost in his glow, the men nearly frantic in their need to touch. It was the worst possible time; Harry was still a bastard and he was newly transformed.

“Draco, I’m really, truly sorry.”

Draco snapped his gaze back to his imbecile of a boyfriend and scowled. The stupid fuck. He stalked over to Harry, his hands clenched into fists. “If I have antlers, so help me, Potter, I will run you through with them.”

“I swear you look good.” Harry stumbled back when Draco took a swing at him. “I’m sorry! I lost my shit. I’m still not…”

“You’re not talking your way out of this one, scarhead.” Draco smacked his hands down on Harry’s shoulders. “I’ve been loyal to you. I’ve done everything in my power to protect you. Just because I have sex with others doesn’t mean I feel any different about you. You said it yourself; you knew how I would be around them. It’s who I am, Harry, and you need to… Stop fucking smiling!” Draco yelled and threw his hands up in exasperation.

Harry’s grin grew and he sank to his knees, his eyes never leaving Draco’s angry expression. “You look really good.” He swallowed hard when Draco snarled. “Really, really good. Gorgeous. Fuckable.”

“Are you listening to me?” Draco growled and rolled his eyes when Harry licked his lips and continued to stare up at him. It was ridiculous. He wasn’t even pulling him; Harry was just out of his fucking mind. The entire village had lost it and somehow he was the last sane person alive.

Draco’s tail tapped against his leg for a few silent moments as he contemplated. He planted his hands on his hips and glanced to his nude body to where his platinum silver hair now reached to his waist. He was covered from head to toe in thin, transparent scales and looked more white than anything proper should. He looked bizarre and wasn’t sure if he’d be able to transform back. Bizarre and, well, maybe a little gorgeous and fuckable if he were to go by Harry.

Draco’s nostrils flared when he glanced back and found Harry staring; his green eyes were dazed and that stupid grin was planted on his face. Fucking Potter.

“You want to touch me, Potter?” Draco smirked at the way Harry’s eyes lit up and slid over his nude, scaled body.

“I missed you so much, Draco. I just want to…”

“Too fucking bad,” Draco interrupted flatly, his fangs sharp in response to Harry’s dejected groan. Let the bastard suffer. He had a fucking tail because of his temper tantrum.

“I didn’t mean to do all of this,” Harry insisted. “There’s something fucked up in me and I just… I did a lot of fucked up shit, actually.” Harry sighed as his expression turned thoughtful. He scratched the back of his head and slowly got to his feet. “I just kind of lost it. I couldn’t find you anywhere. Dumbledore was being fucking obnoxious and…” Harry’s gaze trailed up Draco’s body and his breath caught. He took a step forward. “Shit, let me just…”

“No.” Draco raised his chin defiantly even as he twisted the power within him and pulled Harry with his call. He smiled internally as he watched the war move across Harry’s fierce features. Damn, the prat was gorgeous; erratic as a bull and fucking beautiful. “You’re too mean looking and puffy with all that muscle. I don’t like it.”

Harry scowled and glared at his dark hands. His expression softened as he looked up and met Draco’s eyes. “It’s still me. It’s always been me.” He unconsciously rubbed his chest as his gaze slid down Draco’s taut torso and settled on his jutting erection. “Damn it, Draco, it’ll be good. I’ll make it good until you’re begging for me. I want you so bad.”

“Don’t you dare come any closer.” Draco pressed his palm to Harry’s bare chest and fanned his fingers wide. Harry hissed when he scratched talons down his flesh. “I’ll make you regret it if you touch me.”

Harry groaned huskily and pushed into his hand. “You want me to touch you.”

“Idiot.” Draco dug his claws in deeper and Harry jerked and hissed. He seemed half drunk from the pain and licked his lips when their eyes met. Draco flushed; he felt wild the longer Harry’s green gaze tore through him. “You don’t know a fucking thing about me.”

“I know when you’re fucking with me, you damn tease,” Harry growled. Draco gasped when he was pulled against his chest, but turned his head before he could be kissed. Harry studied his face a silent moment, leaned down, and licked up Draco’s neck.

Draco bit back a moan as his knees went weak. Harry was hard muscle and roaring heat against him. “Seriously, I can’t stand all this puffy, mean looking… Oh. You have nice teeth.” Draco lolled his head back with a sigh as Harry nipped his neck possessively. “Really nice.”

“You’re mine.” Harry’s hands moved around Draco’s petite wings, slid down his back, and cupped his ass tightly. “You know you’re mine.” He rubbed Draco’s outer thigh, his grip rough as he pulled his leg up around his hip. Harry exhaled unsteadily as their erections ground together. “You are, Draco. I’ll show you.” He sucked open mouth kisses to throat as he retracted his claws and pressed two thick fingertips to his hole.

“You’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to just… Oh. Fuck, yes.” Draco threw his head back as lube slick fingers pushed inside him. His lashes fluttered shut and he moaned. Harry dipped down to nip and lick up his sensitive throat as he pumped fingers in and out of Draco’s clenching passage in slow strokes. It was too much and not enough all at once. Draco grasped blindly for Harry’s hair and pulled him up into a kiss. Their lips crushed and fangs scraped desperately.

“That’s it. You taste so good, so right.” Harry groaned as his tongue delved into Draco’s moaning mouth. He couldn’t get enough as he suffocated, tasted and swallowed down every cry Draco made while he scissored fingers into his channel. “I’m going to fuck you hard and make you mine again.”

“I’m still yours. Always yours,” Draco mumbled. The world spun when Harry’s fingers rubbed his prostate with every confident thrust. Harry’s pants were shred in Draco’s claws as he climbed up his powerful form, wrapped arms around Harry’s neck, and hooked his legs around his hips. His mouth again descended to Harry’s, their lips wet as they nipped and sucked and met. “Missed you. Thought I lost you. Thought you died,” Draco gasped between kisses.

“I have you, beautiful.” Harry found Draco’s mouth again and kissed him desperately. “I’m never going to leave you again. Tell me you love me,” he whispered hoarsely.

“I love you, you giant, muscle-bound idiot.” Draco kissed along Harry’s nose, over his eyebrow and teased his tongue into the short hairs. “I’m always going to love you.” He broke off with a groan when a third finger joined Harry’s two and he breached him with maddeningly slow, relentless strokes. “Harry, please. I can’t wait.” Sweat dripped from Draco’s feathery hair as he gasped and bit the soft skin below Harry’s ear.

“Yeah. Yeah, just…” Harry knelt unsteadily and groaned as his erection rocked against Draco’s thigh. “Fuck, I need you to promise me.”

“What?” Draco exhaled heavily as he trailed slick wet over Harry’s throat. He licked down to his broad shoulders and nipped the tight flesh sharply.

“You’re mine.” A new edge crept into Harry’s voice. “Promise me you’re only mine.”

Draco ran claws down his back between his large, dark wings and Harry’s breath came out in a hiss. “I’m only going to say this once, Potter, so you better fucking listen. You’re my mate, my love, my goddamn heart, but unless you can go a marathon with me every night, I’m going to be fucking these silver-haired men. Even if you can manage a marathon every night for me, I’m still going to be spreading for my pack because that’s what we do to bond. It is fucking amazing.”

Harry growled and pulled his head back so he could glare into Draco’s silver eyes. “You think I’m just going to stand back and let you be fucked by a village of gorgeous, battle-strong men?”

Draco snorted. “You think you have a right to ‘allow’ me anything? I’m not a toy who exists to entertain you. If you want to join in, you can, but only if you’re not a selfish, possessive prick about it.”

Harry scowled and narrowed his eyes. “Why the hell would I want to join in? Why the hell would I ever want to touch anyone but you? I love you; I’m always going to love you.”

Draco rolled his eyes, hardly impressed. “Look around you, Potter, or are you completely oblivious to all the people fucking because of my glow?”

Harry wasn’t completely oblivious but was trying very hard to block out the noises as he kept his eyes tight on Draco. It felt wrong to look at someone else when he was supposed to be with his mate. Draco had that damn challenging glint in his eye he could never back down from no matter what form it came in, and Harry forced himself to look. He flushed and his skin shaded darker as he let his eyes wander to the writhing joining of beautiful men.

It didn’t hurt that many of them looked like Draco, and made it damn hot to have them on the ground groping. The idea of one actually being his Draco disturbed him. Harry swallowed hard as his gaze fixed on a couple near by. A slender hipped young man shamelessly twisted on the ground while a larger man pushed thumbs deep into his hole. He bent down and tongue fucked the gasping shifter while he stretched him. “Hell.”

Okay, it might be really hot.

“You’ll get used to it,” Draco whispered in his ear as he tightened his thighs around Harry’s hips. “This is in our blood. Their scent, their magic and sex; we’re meant to respond. Share.”

Harry dragged his gaze back to Draco. He lowered him to the ground and hovered over his pale, sleek body. “I’m not sure,” he finally said as he stared into his eyes. “I can’t honestly say I won’t get upset.”

Draco sighed as he pulled Harry closer and ruffled fingers through his dark feathers. Damn, it felt good to have Harry’s hard body move with his, and their cocks rock together in growing rhythm. “We’ll talk about it. Each time, if that’s what it takes. I want you here, Harry. I want you with me, with my pack. I want you to love these people the way I do and I want you to help me protect them.”

Harry couldn’t remember Draco ever talking about anyone the way he was the Vesper. “What happened to you out here?” Harry asked as he read what looked like tears of desperation and hope in Draco’s gleaming eyes.

Draco smiled crookedly as he kissed the corner of Harry’s mouth. “I found my home, our home. These people are my family, and as long as you don’t go squishing them when you’re in a mood, they can be your family too.”

Harry bit his lower lip as his eyes roamed to the strange buildings, odd, colorful awning high above, and again the shimmering Vesper shifters as they moaned on the ground. Draco grabbed his chin and forced his gaze to the side where two handsome men were working together to make another beg to come.

“You should do that to me.” Draco rolled beneath Harry’s weight and pushed back against his large erection. “But don’t be so nice about it, hmm?”

Harry’s gaze slid to the way Draco’s waist dipped and then swelled to his firm ass; his slender tail made the curve look even sexier. He’d try his best. He wasn’t sure how he was going to feel about Draco being with others when it actually happened, but it clearly meant something to him. He’d have to figure it out.

“Oh, Harry,” Draco gasped when Harry completely ignored his suggestion to instead thrust his tongue deep inside his entrance. His lips sucked his hole and the sensitive flesh around as he soaked him with his juices. “Fuck, don’t tease.” Draco needed so much more than just Harry’s obscene, tormenting tongue. He hadn’t seen him in nearly a week, and he needed to feel him inside. He needed to know he was real and just as wildly in love as before.

“Beg me,” Harry demanded. A hint of a smile was in his voice even as he teased his tongue along Draco’s rim and his hand moved between his thighs to spread him wide and squeeze the firm flesh.

Draco snorted and grinned fiercely. “Potter, fuck me, or I’ll have someone else…” He didn’t get to finish the threat. Harry growled, pulled him down to the ground, and the head of his cock pressed tight to Draco’s hole. Fuck, he was easy to wind up. If only Harry realized how much he preferred his hands, his tongue, his cock, and his amazing love to all the other Vesper. Draco wouldn’t give up his new home for Harry, but he’d cry a river if he lost him.

“Oh… Oh, fuck. Harry. Yes.”

“Listen to yourself,” Harry groaned. He slowly pushed inside, wanting to draw it out and make Draco remember just how good it was to have him inside. “You moan like a whore. A loud, totally horny porn star.”

Draco wasn’t too surprised; Harry was hung like a huge dicked porn star and there was really only one way to take something that big. Loudly. “Fuck. Oh, fuck, that’s it, Harry.” Draco cried out in surprise when Harry grabbed his hips, pulled him up to his knees, and speared him onto his cock. His senses reeled as his body opened to Harry’s thickness and he was stretched wide and unbearably full with each small thrust sinking into him.

“I forgot.” Harry’s eyes widened in surprise as Draco’s passage clenched tight around him. “The last time…”

“Yes.” Draco trembled as he pushed back and urged Harry deeper. It hadn’t been like this with the Vesper, this need to bury Harry impossibly deep and keep him inside.

“You keep—oh, fuck—holding me in,” Harry whispered. He surged forward with a hard thrust and slammed in as far as he could go.

Draco moaned at the words. It felt too good, too fucking perfect. His entire body roared fire when Harry hit something deep inside. It was almost like he grew a second prostate just for him. “Again,” he choked out. Draco’s fingers clawed into the dirt, arms strained, and sweat slid down his skin to drip dark drops into the dusty ground. “Oh, fuck. Fuck,” he mumbled weakly. Harry thrust shallowly but forcefully, and his large hands pulled Draco back with each relentless shove forward.

“You’re tight. Glowing and tight.” Harry growled fiercely and barely avoided a face full of feathers when he pushed Draco’s shoulders down to the ground. Draco moaned, ecstatic Harry didn’t hold back as he crashed into him and took him how he needed to be taken. Harry didn’t hesitate to fill him the way they both loved with hard, long strokes of his thick length.

Cry after cry fell from Draco’s gasping mouth, his chin resting on his arms with ass high in the air. Harry was relentless as he drove into him demandingly, determined to brand himself deep into Draco until there would never be a question of who he belonged to. He would do it as many times as he needed to, every night to remind Draco why he wanted him and show just how damn good they were together.

“Draco!” Harry gasped as his silvery tail wrapped around his waist and pulled him forward and he jarred face first into Draco’s wings. “What are you…? Oh, fuck. Fuck.” Harry closed his eyes and groaned. His arms shook as he wrapped them tight around Draco’s chest. He pushed forward into the passage clutching him, lost in every grasping, suffocating, desperate pull around his cock. “Yes. Fuck that’s it. Fucking it.”

Draco was lost. He was sensation and bright light as he moved with Harry’s shallow, grinding, and completely maddening thrusts. Their rhythm disappeared long minutes ago and left them to tremble and slam erratically. They didn’t care, too caught up in the feel, the sounds and the scent of each other. Draco came with a shout, his fingers clenched tight and hole even tighter. His cum pearled in long streams on the dusty ground beneath him. Silky strands of his hair were caught on Harry’s lips as he sank teeth into Draco’s throat. Harry groaned as his fangs drew blood and he filled Draco’s channel with his hot seed.

Draco sobbed and jerked from the teeth clamped into his flesh. He arched back and his passage milked every long spurt of cum Harry was willing to claim him with. Even though Harry was again growling about how he was his, Draco knew the truth. Harry was his. He was absolutely, completely consumed with him and Draco would never have to say a word or wave a wand to compel those feelings from him. Harry came home to him and he would stay.