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Intangible 29

Chapter Twenty-Eight

He could have had a place here. This could have been his home. He could have been more than a rutting, sex crazed animal who stepped into the forest a man and never returned again. Except Harry took the ring and Draco was forced to face the fact he was a Vesper halfling. Just like his uncle and all the others who came before who howled in the night lost in a sea of lust. He could have been so much more but only with the ring.

Anger surged through Draco greater than his comprehension. It was a roaring fire that boiled his blood and incinerated the mating call Harry was still twisting inside him. Everyone was trying to rule him from his parents, to Voldemort, to his professors, to the oppressive rules of the wizarding world and now this man—this beautiful, maddening, fucked in the head Harry Potter who thought he could decide his life for him. He thought he could steal his ring, touch him, and pull him with the mating call with wave after crashing wave until he bent to his will? No way in hell.

Draco snarled and reached for his power. He smiled savagely when uncertainty flashed in Harry’s eyes. “Draco…” Light beamed from Draco’s form and Harry was sent crashing back head over heels.

“You fucking dick!” Draco stalked after Harry’s muscular form as he skidded over dirt and fallen Vesper. “You’ve been unconscious for the last goddamn week, you don’t know shit about anything, and you just barge in here, stomp my family flat, and steal my fucking ring? Who the fuck do you think you are, Potter? Have you lost your goddamn mind? Did your scar finally split your skull open and release whatever brains you had left? I’m not your fucking toy! I’m nobody’s toy!”

“Draco, shit, hold on,” Harry gasped. He pushed himself to his feet and stumbled back when Draco surged after him.

Draco grabbed him by the hair and growled as he continued to yell. “I came here to save your miserable life, Potter! I faced my biggest, most terrifying fears to make sure no one killed you. They wanted to; they were going to take you out just at the possibility you might turn into a crazy asshole. And you—you go and prove them right by doing something so irresponsible, so selfish!” Draco twisted his hair hard. “I should have killed you myself!”

“Just calm down. I’m sorry!” Harry yelped and held his hands up in surrender as he tried to crouch away from Draco’s hold. “Draco, you’re getting feathery and it has to hurt with all those scales sprouting and… Shit. Breath, Draco.”

“Stop telling me what to do!” Draco hollered even as he gasped for air. The world spun. Draco groaned loudly, shoved Harry away, and covered his face with newly taloned hands. Fucking Potter. Fucking Potter, he was turning into a dragon slut. Draco shuddered as his back roared fire moments before his tail pushed free and wings shook loose. What remained of his clothing fell around him in a confetti of fabric.

Fuck. Fucking hell, he wasn’t going down like this!

Draco whirled and turned his piercing glare back to Harry. “You let them up right this fucking instant,” he ordered. “Now! And you better not have hurt them, or so help me, I’ll beat you senseless. These are good people. Good!”

He wasn’t sure why Harry was smiling at him. The pain in the ass bastard looked like he was ready to burst out laughing. Still, the pressure lifted with Harry’s nod and the Vesper were free to move. Draco searched the ground and found Matten. He grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up to his feet.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry he did… Why the fuck is everyone smiling at me?” Draco snarled. He pushed the grinning Matten away and took in the multitude of idiotic, sappy smiles the Vesper were directing at him now they were no longer groaning in pain.

Draco’s breath hitched and he bit his lower lip; they looked different. Matten was free of scars and clothes and there was a soft glow to his skin. Scales shimmered over his flesh and feathers peeked free behind sharp ears. He couldn’t help but notice even though he could see Matten’s true form, he wasn’t jumping the man and begging to be fucked. Hell, he wasn’t even laughing crazily anymore.

Draco licked dry lips. Maybe the crazy was from the moments before the transformation and not the final change? Did they get this wrong the same way they misjudged everything else when it came to the Vesper?

“Halfling, you are stunning.” Matten’s voice was full of awe as he stared at Draco. “Even more so in this dimension. Your glow is bright, compelling. You truly are made for us.” There was a daze to his eyes and sheen to his skin which only grew more intense the longer he stared at Draco.

“Matten?” Draco took a step back when Matten was grabbed from behind, spun, and kissed fiercely. Matten growled against Haille’s lips and threaded fingers into his long hair as he grappled him closer. Moans rose up all around them as the Vesper’s fear and pain was replaced by a maddening pulse of need. A worried expression painted Draco’s face as he watched the Vesper become lost in his glow, the men nearly frantic in their need to touch. It was the worst possible time; Harry was still a bastard and he was newly transformed.

“Draco, I’m really, truly sorry.”

Draco snapped his gaze back to his imbecile of a boyfriend and scowled. The stupid fuck. He stalked over to Harry, his hands clenched into fists. “If I have antlers, so help me, Potter, I will run you through with them.”

“I swear you look good.” Harry stumbled back when Draco took a swing at him. “I’m sorry! I lost my shit. I’m still not…”

“You’re not talking your way out of this one, scarhead.” Draco smacked his hands down on Harry’s shoulders. “I’ve been loyal to you. I’ve done everything in my power to protect you. Just because I have sex with others doesn’t mean I feel any different about you. You said it yourself; you knew how I would be around them. It’s who I am, Harry, and you need to… Stop fucking smiling!” Draco yelled and threw his hands up in exasperation.

Harry’s grin grew and he sank to his knees, his eyes never leaving Draco’s angry expression. “You look really good.” He swallowed hard when Draco snarled. “Really, really good. Gorgeous. Fuckable.”

“Are you listening to me?” Draco growled and rolled his eyes when Harry licked his lips and continued to stare up at him. It was ridiculous. He wasn’t even pulling him; Harry was just out of his fucking mind. The entire village had lost it and somehow he was the last sane person alive.

Draco’s tail tapped against his leg for a few silent moments as he contemplated. He planted his hands on his hips and glanced to his nude body to where his platinum silver hair now reached to his waist. He was covered from head to toe in thin, transparent scales and looked more white than anything proper should. He looked bizarre and wasn’t sure if he’d be able to transform back. Bizarre and, well, maybe a little gorgeous and fuckable if he were to go by Harry.

Draco’s nostrils flared when he glanced back and found Harry staring; his green eyes were dazed and that stupid grin was planted on his face. Fucking Potter.

“You want to touch me, Potter?” Draco smirked at the way Harry’s eyes lit up and slid over his nude, scaled body.

“I missed you so much, Draco. I just want to…”

“Too fucking bad,” Draco interrupted flatly, his fangs sharp in response to Harry’s dejected groan. Let the bastard suffer. He had a fucking tail because of his temper tantrum.

“I didn’t mean to do all of this,” Harry insisted. “There’s something fucked up in me and I just… I did a lot of fucked up shit, actually.” Harry sighed as his expression turned thoughtful. He scratched the back of his head and slowly got to his feet. “I just kind of lost it. I couldn’t find you anywhere. Dumbledore was being fucking obnoxious and…” Harry’s gaze trailed up Draco’s body and his breath caught. He took a step forward. “Shit, let me just…”

“No.” Draco raised his chin defiantly even as he twisted the power within him and pulled Harry with his call. He smiled internally as he watched the war move across Harry’s fierce features. Damn, the prat was gorgeous; erratic as a bull and fucking beautiful. “You’re too mean looking and puffy with all that muscle. I don’t like it.”

Harry scowled and glared at his dark hands. His expression softened as he looked up and met Draco’s eyes. “It’s still me. It’s always been me.” He unconsciously rubbed his chest as his gaze slid down Draco’s taut torso and settled on his jutting erection. “Damn it, Draco, it’ll be good. I’ll make it good until you’re begging for me. I want you so bad.”

“Don’t you dare come any closer.” Draco pressed his palm to Harry’s bare chest and fanned his fingers wide. Harry hissed when he scratched talons down his flesh. “I’ll make you regret it if you touch me.”

Harry groaned huskily and pushed into his hand. “You want me to touch you.”

“Idiot.” Draco dug his claws in deeper and Harry jerked and hissed. He seemed half drunk from the pain and licked his lips when their eyes met. Draco flushed; he felt wild the longer Harry’s green gaze tore through him. “You don’t know a fucking thing about me.”

“I know when you’re fucking with me, you damn tease,” Harry growled. Draco gasped when he was pulled against his chest, but turned his head before he could be kissed. Harry studied his face a silent moment, leaned down, and licked up Draco’s neck.

Draco bit back a moan as his knees went weak. Harry was hard muscle and roaring heat against him. “Seriously, I can’t stand all this puffy, mean looking… Oh. You have nice teeth.” Draco lolled his head back with a sigh as Harry nipped his neck possessively. “Really nice.”

“You’re mine.” Harry’s hands moved around Draco’s petite wings, slid down his back, and cupped his ass tightly. “You know you’re mine.” He rubbed Draco’s outer thigh, his grip rough as he pulled his leg up around his hip. Harry exhaled unsteadily as their erections ground together. “You are, Draco. I’ll show you.” He sucked open mouth kisses to throat as he retracted his claws and pressed two thick fingertips to his hole.

“You’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to just… Oh. Fuck, yes.” Draco threw his head back as lube slick fingers pushed inside him. His lashes fluttered shut and he moaned. Harry dipped down to nip and lick up his sensitive throat as he pumped fingers in and out of Draco’s clenching passage in slow strokes. It was too much and not enough all at once. Draco grasped blindly for Harry’s hair and pulled him up into a kiss. Their lips crushed and fangs scraped desperately.

“That’s it. You taste so good, so right.” Harry groaned as his tongue delved into Draco’s moaning mouth. He couldn’t get enough as he suffocated, tasted and swallowed down every cry Draco made while he scissored fingers into his channel. “I’m going to fuck you hard and make you mine again.”

“I’m still yours. Always yours,” Draco mumbled. The world spun when Harry’s fingers rubbed his prostate with every confident thrust. Harry’s pants were shred in Draco’s claws as he climbed up his powerful form, wrapped arms around Harry’s neck, and hooked his legs around his hips. His mouth again descended to Harry’s, their lips wet as they nipped and sucked and met. “Missed you. Thought I lost you. Thought you died,” Draco gasped between kisses.

“I have you, beautiful.” Harry found Draco’s mouth again and kissed him desperately. “I’m never going to leave you again. Tell me you love me,” he whispered hoarsely.

“I love you, you giant, muscle-bound idiot.” Draco kissed along Harry’s nose, over his eyebrow and teased his tongue into the short hairs. “I’m always going to love you.” He broke off with a groan when a third finger joined Harry’s two and he breached him with maddeningly slow, relentless strokes. “Harry, please. I can’t wait.” Sweat dripped from Draco’s feathery hair as he gasped and bit the soft skin below Harry’s ear.

“Yeah. Yeah, just…” Harry knelt unsteadily and groaned as his erection rocked against Draco’s thigh. “Fuck, I need you to promise me.”

“What?” Draco exhaled heavily as he trailed slick wet over Harry’s throat. He licked down to his broad shoulders and nipped the tight flesh sharply.

“You’re mine.” A new edge crept into Harry’s voice. “Promise me you’re only mine.”

Draco ran claws down his back between his large, dark wings and Harry’s breath came out in a hiss. “I’m only going to say this once, Potter, so you better fucking listen. You’re my mate, my love, my goddamn heart, but unless you can go a marathon with me every night, I’m going to be fucking these silver-haired men. Even if you can manage a marathon every night for me, I’m still going to be spreading for my pack because that’s what we do to bond. It is fucking amazing.”

Harry growled and pulled his head back so he could glare into Draco’s silver eyes. “You think I’m just going to stand back and let you be fucked by a village of gorgeous, battle-strong men?”

Draco snorted. “You think you have a right to ‘allow’ me anything? I’m not a toy who exists to entertain you. If you want to join in, you can, but only if you’re not a selfish, possessive prick about it.”

Harry scowled and narrowed his eyes. “Why the hell would I want to join in? Why the hell would I ever want to touch anyone but you? I love you; I’m always going to love you.”

Draco rolled his eyes, hardly impressed. “Look around you, Potter, or are you completely oblivious to all the people fucking because of my glow?”

Harry wasn’t completely oblivious but was trying very hard to block out the noises as he kept his eyes tight on Draco. It felt wrong to look at someone else when he was supposed to be with his mate. Draco had that damn challenging glint in his eye he could never back down from no matter what form it came in, and Harry forced himself to look. He flushed and his skin shaded darker as he let his eyes wander to the writhing joining of beautiful men.

It didn’t hurt that many of them looked like Draco, and made it damn hot to have them on the ground groping. The idea of one actually being his Draco disturbed him. Harry swallowed hard as his gaze fixed on a couple near by. A slender hipped young man shamelessly twisted on the ground while a larger man pushed thumbs deep into his hole. He bent down and tongue fucked the gasping shifter while he stretched him. “Hell.”

Okay, it might be really hot.

“You’ll get used to it,” Draco whispered in his ear as he tightened his thighs around Harry’s hips. “This is in our blood. Their scent, their magic and sex; we’re meant to respond. Share.”

Harry dragged his gaze back to Draco. He lowered him to the ground and hovered over his pale, sleek body. “I’m not sure,” he finally said as he stared into his eyes. “I can’t honestly say I won’t get upset.”

Draco sighed as he pulled Harry closer and ruffled fingers through his dark feathers. Damn, it felt good to have Harry’s hard body move with his, and their cocks rock together in growing rhythm. “We’ll talk about it. Each time, if that’s what it takes. I want you here, Harry. I want you with me, with my pack. I want you to love these people the way I do and I want you to help me protect them.”

Harry couldn’t remember Draco ever talking about anyone the way he was the Vesper. “What happened to you out here?” Harry asked as he read what looked like tears of desperation and hope in Draco’s gleaming eyes.

Draco smiled crookedly as he kissed the corner of Harry’s mouth. “I found my home, our home. These people are my family, and as long as you don’t go squishing them when you’re in a mood, they can be your family too.”

Harry bit his lower lip as his eyes roamed to the strange buildings, odd, colorful awning high above, and again the shimmering Vesper shifters as they moaned on the ground. Draco grabbed his chin and forced his gaze to the side where two handsome men were working together to make another beg to come.

“You should do that to me.” Draco rolled beneath Harry’s weight and pushed back against his large erection. “But don’t be so nice about it, hmm?”

Harry’s gaze slid to the way Draco’s waist dipped and then swelled to his firm ass; his slender tail made the curve look even sexier. He’d try his best. He wasn’t sure how he was going to feel about Draco being with others when it actually happened, but it clearly meant something to him. He’d have to figure it out.

“Oh, Harry,” Draco gasped when Harry completely ignored his suggestion to instead thrust his tongue deep inside his entrance. His lips sucked his hole and the sensitive flesh around as he soaked him with his juices. “Fuck, don’t tease.” Draco needed so much more than just Harry’s obscene, tormenting tongue. He hadn’t seen him in nearly a week, and he needed to feel him inside. He needed to know he was real and just as wildly in love as before.

“Beg me,” Harry demanded. A hint of a smile was in his voice even as he teased his tongue along Draco’s rim and his hand moved between his thighs to spread him wide and squeeze the firm flesh.

Draco snorted and grinned fiercely. “Potter, fuck me, or I’ll have someone else…” He didn’t get to finish the threat. Harry growled, pulled him down to the ground, and the head of his cock pressed tight to Draco’s hole. Fuck, he was easy to wind up. If only Harry realized how much he preferred his hands, his tongue, his cock, and his amazing love to all the other Vesper. Draco wouldn’t give up his new home for Harry, but he’d cry a river if he lost him.

“Oh… Oh, fuck. Harry. Yes.”

“Listen to yourself,” Harry groaned. He slowly pushed inside, wanting to draw it out and make Draco remember just how good it was to have him inside. “You moan like a whore. A loud, totally horny porn star.”

Draco wasn’t too surprised; Harry was hung like a huge dicked porn star and there was really only one way to take something that big. Loudly. “Fuck. Oh, fuck, that’s it, Harry.” Draco cried out in surprise when Harry grabbed his hips, pulled him up to his knees, and speared him onto his cock. His senses reeled as his body opened to Harry’s thickness and he was stretched wide and unbearably full with each small thrust sinking into him.

“I forgot.” Harry’s eyes widened in surprise as Draco’s passage clenched tight around him. “The last time…”

“Yes.” Draco trembled as he pushed back and urged Harry deeper. It hadn’t been like this with the Vesper, this need to bury Harry impossibly deep and keep him inside.

“You keep—oh, fuck—holding me in,” Harry whispered. He surged forward with a hard thrust and slammed in as far as he could go.

Draco moaned at the words. It felt too good, too fucking perfect. His entire body roared fire when Harry hit something deep inside. It was almost like he grew a second prostate just for him. “Again,” he choked out. Draco’s fingers clawed into the dirt, arms strained, and sweat slid down his skin to drip dark drops into the dusty ground. “Oh, fuck. Fuck,” he mumbled weakly. Harry thrust shallowly but forcefully, and his large hands pulled Draco back with each relentless shove forward.

“You’re tight. Glowing and tight.” Harry growled fiercely and barely avoided a face full of feathers when he pushed Draco’s shoulders down to the ground. Draco moaned, ecstatic Harry didn’t hold back as he crashed into him and took him how he needed to be taken. Harry didn’t hesitate to fill him the way they both loved with hard, long strokes of his thick length.

Cry after cry fell from Draco’s gasping mouth, his chin resting on his arms with ass high in the air. Harry was relentless as he drove into him demandingly, determined to brand himself deep into Draco until there would never be a question of who he belonged to. He would do it as many times as he needed to, every night to remind Draco why he wanted him and show just how damn good they were together.

“Draco!” Harry gasped as his silvery tail wrapped around his waist and pulled him forward and he jarred face first into Draco’s wings. “What are you…? Oh, fuck. Fuck.” Harry closed his eyes and groaned. His arms shook as he wrapped them tight around Draco’s chest. He pushed forward into the passage clutching him, lost in every grasping, suffocating, desperate pull around his cock. “Yes. Fuck that’s it. Fucking it.”

Draco was lost. He was sensation and bright light as he moved with Harry’s shallow, grinding, and completely maddening thrusts. Their rhythm disappeared long minutes ago and left them to tremble and slam erratically. They didn’t care, too caught up in the feel, the sounds and the scent of each other. Draco came with a shout, his fingers clenched tight and hole even tighter. His cum pearled in long streams on the dusty ground beneath him. Silky strands of his hair were caught on Harry’s lips as he sank teeth into Draco’s throat. Harry groaned as his fangs drew blood and he filled Draco’s channel with his hot seed.

Draco sobbed and jerked from the teeth clamped into his flesh. He arched back and his passage milked every long spurt of cum Harry was willing to claim him with. Even though Harry was again growling about how he was his, Draco knew the truth. Harry was his. He was absolutely, completely consumed with him and Draco would never have to say a word or wave a wand to compel those feelings from him. Harry came home to him and he would stay.

New Freebies Of The Month! 💋

It’s my anniversary!

8 years now—and let me say what a fucking achievement that is. I started dating Brian 8 years ago during a time when my PTSD was out of control, my parents were recently dead, and I was just a few months out of pulling myself free of homelessness, a psych ward, and an ex girlfriend/borderline drug addict. I was quite clearly not looking for love. Love didn’t give a fuck; it never does.

Through our long term relationship, we both learned about a year in (once the honeymoon phase was over) that living for another person was going to kill us both. XD Seriously, don’t do this. I know it is so easy; we were young and everything around said to be a ‘couple was to compromise who you are.’ No. Fucking no. That’s a compromise on the ego, not a compromise about taking care of yourself and ignoring who you are, and too few people understand that. Your partner does not exist to complete you, complement you, share your interests, or hold your hand through life. They exist, you exist, and where you meet in the middle is fucking awesome but if you force the two of you to stay there 24-7, the rest of you will atrophy and die until that relationship is an ugly wound of bitterness and hate. Relationships are non-entities; don’t turn them into something bigger than the beings meeting and loving.

It took us a few years to figure that all out, and then I got sick. Four years of sick. Four years, to the point that I try not to call Brian my boyfriend lately because I still have it in my head that any kind of attachment to me while I was a sliver of my former self is just going to drag him into misery and illness. The last year of me regaining health has also been a very tentative year of renaming how we see each other. And it’s going to continue to be a slow process because some shit just doesn’t change over night. I watched 4 vibrant beings be consumed by illness and eventually die, and I am well aware from the outside it was what I looked like. Until I got that mold toxicity diagnosis and actually started to treat my severe allergies, we had no idea why all my other treatments weren’t working and it was just waiting to see when it was going to end. That is a lot of weight to put on the people who love me. Four years of that weight.

There are a lot of things in life we don’t get to choose, but we’re still around to experience. I have had the opportunity to watch an amazing man struggle, grow stronger, and find himself while the world shakes around us. His resilient spirit and easy laugh has made the overwhelming bearable, even though I fear he sacrificed too much of himself in his need to save me. It’s that thing we do where we live through others and ignore our own needs. I still have the greatest joy when I see the ones I love succeed and find peace with their inner demons. Even though I’m dedicated to growing and being the best person I can be, a part of that is so the people around me won’t suffer by being around the not so great me who shows up once in a while.

Puerto Rico

It’s going to be months before Puerto Rico has their electric grid up. Since Fema has been removing data of what’s happening from their own website, I thought I’d share the Puerto Rico website where you can get the stats on their situation and a way to donate. It’s actually pretty interesting to see their goals, priority being clean water. It’s really easy to take that tap water for granted until you lose it and you’re dehydrating.

I feel like I’ve spent the last 6 months watching and growing used to Trump being a toddler. Every time he acts out, the consequences never seem to follow the way we fear. Puerto Rico isn’t the same, and I think it’s important to remind us all of that. Trump refusing to even look the German Chancellor in the eye like some petulant child even though she’s been called the leader of the free world won’t result in the possible devastation that can happen on one small island if they don’t get the help they need. It’s really easy to put our energy into our anger and outrage instead of into being constructive. It’s human nature, like mob mentality. It’s easy to feed the reaction to the outrageous instead of doing something about it. We’re better than that, but it takes waking up to realize it. If I donated a nickel for every time I said something bad about Trump, well, I’d be broke, that’s for sure. XD

So, if you’re wondering how to channel your rage after seeing Trump go down to Puerto Rico, have himself a self-congratulatory circle jerk, and then leave four hours later, I suggest donating. You’ll feel like you’re doing something instead of stewing in bitterness and misery.

Website stuff

Freebie of the Month is The Autumn Prince! I’ve added Liem’s story from Demon Bonded #9 in there too (which reminds me I haven’t updated the ARC site yet. @[email protected] So much stuff to remember. I need to start writing things down.) Hellcat has started. Subscribers can read as I write it up on the website. My goals are to get Intangible and Hellcat finished this month and hopefully republish City Howls so I can write the next episode.

Oh, Demencious Saga is published, so for those who don’t want to shell out for the first 4 episodes of Demon Bonded, you can get the bundle for cheap, basically 1/2 the price. I want to keep my focus on Hellcat and get that fic out by Halloween, so I don’t expect to have Apprentice Saga republished (it’s all about making a cover) until the beginning of September. Sorry for the delay, just, I can only juggle so much.

Don’t miss the books below. I hope you all have an amazing weekend. I’m going to be spending mine with Brian being a total nerd and loving it. <3

Demencious Saga by Sadie Sins

This book contains episodes #1-4 from Demon Bonded, titled ‘Something Waiting In The Dark,’ ‘Breathing Under The Bed,’ ‘The Killer Wardrobe,’ and ‘Magnificent Night,’ and includes the bonus episode, ‘Far From Home.’ Previously published from 2015-1016, these episodes have been reedited and republished.

Demencious Saga is the first saga in the mm erotic world of Demon Bonded. This serial is a fun, suspenseful play on monster collecting and male harems. Expect demon bonding, master/slave relationships of mild and abusive nature, multiple partners, magical powers, learning how to be a sorcerer, and conflict with crueler demon masters.


College Omega’s Secret Baby by Dex Bass

Alpha professor Alan Archer is king of his world, until a winsome nineteen-year-old omega freshman upends his confidence. Nobody talked to Professor Archer like that before. And Professor Archer never thought he could be attracted to a student. But freshman omega Os is so different from all the other students.

Os came to college to get away from the stigma of being an omega. Nobody knows how unsure of himself he used to be. Nowadays, he’s owning being an omega. Just barely, if his insecurities don’t eat him up.

Alan and Os’s professor-student love brings a pregnancy that has to be kept out of sight. Alan and Os manage college, busybodies, and all the travails of pregnancy, on their journey together to fatherhood and forever love.

College Omega’s Secret Baby is a non-shifter male pregnancy romance with a sweet college student, an arrogant professor, endless cuddling, a secret pregnancy, pink-nosed bunny slippers, an adorable baby girl, and a feel-good HEA.

Enemies With Benefits by Joanna Chambers and Annika Martin– Free

They’re dangerous men. Absolute enemies. And totally hot for each other.

Two years ago, the men in Will’s unit were killed in an ambush because they were betrayed. Now Will has a chance to go after the corrupt billionaire who sold them out.
One problem: the billionaire’s bodyguard. Nobody knows what he looks like; they only know him by the trail of bodies he leaves behind.

Will their passion destroy them both?

Kit’s a hardened assassin who’ll do what it takes to protect his boss. But when Will moves on the billionaire at an elite party, things with Will and Kit take an unexpected—steamy—twist.
Now Kit has to convince Will to walk away–from his quest for justice, and from the red-hot passion that’s spinning out of control.

Sorcerer Slayer S55


“Fuck,” Fox muttered under his breath. “What the fuck are we dealing with here? Can he scent Wylie?” He huddled closer to Leo, Forest and Justin, their eyes glued on the three strangers standing between them and Raider. They were a strange assortment. Nothing about them matched except their clothing. That and the fact they were paranormals who all had a dangerous look to them like they wouldn’t hesitate to kill.

“Demon,” Justin whispered as he stared at the one who choked Raider. The wolf was in Justin’s eyes and was reading the air in a way no other being could. “Powerful. The tall one is a shifter, an ox. The other is definitely a magic user.”

“Strong?” Leo asked under his breath.

Justin breathed in deep and his eyes flashed amber for a moment. “Average.”

“Fuck.” Average was still deadly when it came to a sorcerer with enough skill. Fox looked at the three of them again, his mind whirling. Normally you could trust a shifter not to mess with another shifter; it was basic code unless they were was too fucked in the head to think straight. The ox shifter didn’t look crazy but he also didn’t look friendly. There was no way they could trust this guy not to turn on them, not with a sorcerer and some kind of demon calling the shots. And it was clear who was calling the shots.

The paranormal in front of Raider wasn’t more than six feet tall, his gray hair styled short and a little messy, his eyes a bland clear and skin somewhat sickly. He had no color to his lips or nipples, his complexion an unnatural gray even when standing in the cold winter air. Fox couldn’t see through his glamors, but he knew the guy wasn’t what he seemed. Justin was certain, able to scent the demonic magic from help of his inner wolf.

“We need to get Raider away from them,” Justin said tightly.

“No shit. But the stupid fuck’s not going to be able to open his hand to save his life,” Fox bit out harshly. He fell silent and all of them tensed when the gray man took a step toward them. As he walked, he dragged Raider behind him by the arm. Raider’s body was nearly limp as he scraped knees on the pavement and struggled to stay upright.

“Oh.” The man inhaled deep to scent them. His eyes gave an otherworldly violet glow as they fixed on Forest. “Oh, kitten.” His grin was wicked and full of sharp fangs when he smiled. “This day is getting better and better.”

“Fuck, why is he looking at me like that?” Forest took a hesitant step back when the strange man refused to look anywhere else.

The largest of the three stepped up beside the gray man. The shifter was larger than Leo, easily seven feet and then some. Even without the fangs and claws, his massive bulk and height made him intimidating. “He’s the right type. Hot, slender. I can scent the need on him from here.”

“He’s perfect. A slinky little tramp.” The gray man licked his fangs. “Seth, you agree?”

The silent sorcerer shrugged in reply and turned his gaze on Forest as well. His blue eyes were distant as they raked down his body like he was sizing up a piece of meat. “Yeah, he’s sexy enough.”

Fox furrowed his brows and looked from the three weirdos to where Leo and Forest were bristling. “Dude, are they hitting on you? Like, all of them? What would you call that, a foursome?”

Forest darted his glare Fox’s way a moment. “I think they’re talking about selling me into the sex trade,” he hissed in exasperation. “Stop thinking with your dick for five seconds.”

Fox tilted his head and ruffled his hair up in confusion. “They’re the ones thinking with their dicks. Who the fuck meets someone and starts talking like that?”

It only got more troubling when the ox shifter looked to Leo next. “He’s an alpha and still young. He could be trained to protect. Trained to kill.”

“Yes, I think the master will be interested in the lion as well. The others are disposable.” The gray man’s eyes fixed back on Forest, and did nothing to hide his interest. “Come here, kitten. Let me get a proper look at you.”

“Keep that freak away from me,” Forest whispered.

There was a breathlessness to his voice that made Fox dare to take his gaze off of the approaching threat for a moment. Forest’s eyes were dazed, lips parted and cheeks flushed. “What’s happening to you?”

“Scent,” Leo explained sharply. He stood at his tallest and stepped in front of Forest to create a wall between him and the others. “It’s feline based.” He glared at the smug looking gray man. “You’re a shifter.”

Something changed in the other’s colorless form for a moment. It was a pulse of light that faded almost as quickly as it started. The gray man’s eyes turned icy and lips twisted down in a grim frown. “You’re mistaken.”

Fox didn’t see what happened next, his mind still trying to process the odd light he was certain was magical in origin. He wasn’t even sure who cast the spell, just that in an instant, the world spun and everything changed. He slammed hard against the wall seven feet to the side. His back and skull throbbed in pain as he struggled to stand upright and see what happened. He found Leo and Justin beside him. Justin was bent over as he tried not to throw up.

When Fox looked to where they were moments ago, he saw Forest alone at the entrance way with his eyes wide in surprise. The gray man was feet from him, his head tilted and a predatory look on his face. Raider was hunched on the ground. His hand was still clinging to the gem but it was no longer attached to anything else. The other two men moved swiftly and flanked the gray man’s side so that they were a barrier between Forest and his pack.

“No way in fuck!” Leo roared once he regained his bearings. He pushed himself off the wall but his sluggish movements betrayed the pain in his upper body. The brick where he hit the wall was crumbled from the force of the blow.

The ox shifter held his hands up and took a step forward, his gaze fixed on Leo. “You could have a job, man. A real job. Real money and a real pack who will follow you to the death.” He sneered at Fox and Justin, making it clear how he felt about shifters who didn’t follow an alpha. “They’re always looking for types like you. True alphas. Life gets so much better when you’re there willingly.”

Justin held his head as he straightened, blood wet on his forehead. His expression was pained and voice full of bitterness. “Aren’t you the fucking poster-child for Stockholm syndrome. They pay you to steal your own and sell them into slavery? Or is that just a perk for being a ‘true’ alpha?”

“Shut up, you pathetic, weak human.” The ox shifter flexed his muscles and his tanned face grew red with anger. “I’m talking to an alpha. You will never know what it’s like to be born a leader.”

Fox watched the exchange silently. They couldn’t tell Justin was a werewolf; they weren’t that fucking strong. He hunched down and edged slowly around the three. None of the talking mattered. No, Forest was shaking, and Raider was worse, too afraid to even get off the ground. This one, this gray man, whatever the fuck he was, was the threat. He didn’t look like any demon Fox had come across before but he sure didn’t smell like anything he could identify either.

Forest’s hands were shaking and he quickly crossed them over his chest, eyes fixed on the other’s polished boots as they kept approaching. He swallowed hard, his eyes looking anywhere but at the stranger as he stopped in front of him.

“Are you that afraid of me?” The gray man ducked down and peered into Forest’s face. “I won’t hurt you. I’m going to give you everything you want, pretty kitten.”

Forest turned his head away with a grimace. His breath came out in fast pants even as he glared. “You’re feline; I can smell it.” At the man’s silence he glanced his way and added, “I know you’re not human.”

“No, I never claimed that. But I’m not a shifter.” He reached for Forest’s face and his fingertips touched down to trace the length of his nose. “Do you like my scent?”

Forest held himself still as a thumb teased across his lips. He breathed out unsteadily and his eyes slit shut.

“I like yours.” The man stepped closer and his breath washed over Forest’s cheek. “You smell like desire. Hunger. Heat.”

“Don’t,” Forest groaned when his hand moved down his chest. He grabbed the man’s wrist but couldn’t find the strength to push him away. “I know what you’re doing.”

“Doing?” The gray man smirked.

“You’re scenting me. Marking me as yours.” Forest jolted as fingers stroked his chest. He snapped his eyes open, only to gasp to find beautiful periwinkle blue orbs staring into his. They were cat-like with dark slashes for pupils. His skin was a silvery blue-gray fuzz of soft fur. Dark markings accented his eyes and swept back to sharp elfin ears where the pattern blended into a long wave of multi-toned hair.

“Do you know me now, my little half cat?” He pushed forward and scented up the side of Forest’s neck while pulling him close. “Is this what you want? Do you want to come with me?”

“Stop it.” Raider was still on the ground in the cold slush and hard cobblestone. He forced his head up, his glare cutting through his daze. “Leave him alone.”

“Why?” When the man looked down at Raider, he was gray again, all color drained from his flesh. “He can answer for himself.”

“You’re casting a spell on him.” Raider struggled to his feet. His face was cloudy with anger and fear.

“Oh, am I?” The gray man grinned wickedly. He looked to where Leo was glaring at them and then turned back to Forest. His gaze lingered to where his hand was still caught in the other’s shaky grasp. “I think I prefer you, my pretty kitten. You could stay with me. A pet, just for me.”

Forest exhaled heavily. “I don’t…”

“I don’t want to share you,” he purred and combed fingers into Forest’s dark hair. “Not even with my master. You’re very sweet. Handsome. I bet you’re very sleek under your clothes.” When he stroked down his chest this time, Forest’s restraining hand slipped away. “Maybe you’ll even let me see.”

There was a terror in Forest’s eyes as he stared at the hand tugging at the buttons of his jacket. A fight between attraction and an understanding of being controlled was warring in his body. “Get off me.”

“You don’t want that. You want to be mine. I can feel it.”

“I don’t even know you,” Forest choked out. Fingers pressed to his lips and he struggled to keep from licking them.

“I’m Malek, sweet kitten,” he whispered against his cheek. “A being of unimaginable power. Long ago, you weak little shifters would have worshiped one like me. But, as I look at you… I think I would prefer to worship you. With my hands.” Forest sighed as hands engulfed his face and pulled him closer. His entire body slumped forward and eyes drifted shut. “With my tongue.” Malek licked out and teased his tongue over Forest’s lips. “With my seed.”

Justin whined as Forest was enchanted before their eyes. Leo touched a steadying hand to his shoulder before he stalked forward. The ox shifter blocked him with his bulk but Leo’s attention was on the one holding Forest. “Get away from him. He’s not your pet; none of us are.”

Malek glanced their way disinterestedly and kissed Forest’s cheek. “Unless you have the power to stop me, that is exactly all you are to me. Pets.” He gently turned Forest’s face like he was a doll, and touched their lips together. “A very pretty pet. One I want to keep in my room.”

Raider stumbled back when a snarl tore through the air. He thought it was Leo but when he looked, the giant lion shifter was silent, watching. Raider followed to where he was looking and tried not to flinch away at the sight. Justin’s expression was changed from afraid to ferocious, wild death.

“Get the fuck away from him!” Justin demanded.

“Shit, he’s a cursed.” The ox shifter no longer looked calm as he took large steps away from Justin.

Seth chuckled darkly as he watched the giant shifter back away. “Look at him; he’s a fucking kid. The poor little puppy got himself cursed by a big bad wolf.”

“It’s not funny, man,” Lawrence grumbled, his eyes wide as he stared unblinking at Justin’s deranged expression. “These things are psychos.”

“Oh, I know. You’re lucky you survived, kid.” Seth nodded at Justin, his eyes cold as he stared him down. “Bet you wish you hadn’t. I bet you wish that thing fucking killed you.” Justin’s growl grew louder and full of fury. The sorcerer’s expression was detached in the face of his elongating fangs. “You wanna die, little puppy? It’s a mercy killing, really. No cursed wants to live.”

Leo growled and towered over Justin defensively. “Justin, you need to run.”

“I’m going to eat them,” Justin snarled. “All of them.” His fangs distorted his voice, and an unholy fire lit his eyes.

Leo huffed in frustration. “You fucked up wolf, you’re not strong enough.”

“Holy shit.” Raider’s gaze jumped from Justin, who looked ready to kill, to the sorcerer, who looked just as ready to hex. He gripped his hair anxiously, a whimper caught in his throat. Justin surged forward, the ox shifter bristling and taking another step back. They were nearly on top of where Raider was standing and his nerves were taunt with indecision. He had to do something but he didn’t know what. The only thing he felt certain about was they were all going to end up dead once the fucked up gray man stop pawing Forest long enough to actual give the order.

Malek pulled from Forest to see what was happening. There was a crazed glint in the gray man’s eyes as he watched Justin snarl aggressively and pushed both sorcerer and ox shifter back. “Seth, are you suggesting we free this pathetic little cursed from his pained existence?”

“It’s a health hazard.” Seth stared dead-eyed as Justin snarled again. “Just a kindness, really.”

Fox strolled over and stood next to Justin and Leo. He cracked his knuckles and managed to look full of bravado even though he was short and scrawny compared to everyone else. “You stupid fuckers seriously think you’re touching any of us? You think we’re afraid of magic? You don’t even know what kind of magic we face every day.”

Fox boldly grabbed Forest by his arm and pulled him beside him. “You okay?” Fox kept his face straight ahead where Malek was glaring back challengingly.

Forest shook his head weakly. “No, I don’t… I don’t know.” He swallowed hard when he looked up and met Malek’s glowing eyes. “Get me out of here, Fox. Please. Before I don’t want to leave.”

Fox took a slow breath, eyes glued to the way Malek grinned smugly at the words. “Raider!” Without warning, he pushed Forest right into Raider’s shaking arms. “Watch him. Don’t let these fuckers near him, and get ready to run.”

Raider stared at him wide eyed for a frozen moment. How Fox could seem so fucking certain when the world felt like it was about to end was beyond him. It did something to him to see Fox’s familiar smirk even now and Raider stood steadier. His arms came up to clasp protectively on Forest’s hunched shoulders.

“Shit, will you look at this ballsy idiot. A little fox thinks he’s going to beat us?” Fox kept his gaze level as the three smirked to each other. Seth’s cold gaze didn’t change as he took in Fox’s thin arms. “I thought foxes were supposed to be smart, not suicidal.”

Lawrence shook his head and cracked his massive shoulders. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so funny as they two little shits thinking they can take us on.”

Fox leaned into Leo, his voice pitched low. “These guys are going to fucking murder us, man.”

Leo grunted in agreement, his glare never leaving Malek. “Fucking Doe should be here. The one time he’s not screwing his boyfriend, he still not a fucking help.”

Fox blinked as he remembered something Wylie once told him. Theodore was keyed into some of the shifters, or at least to Wylie. But Master Theodore was all the way at the Academy, hundreds of miles away. Even if he could sense them, Fox doubted he’d be able to sense that far. “What do you want to do? I have no problem fighting, but I don’t know if we can actually keep them off of Forest if they go for him.”

Leo was uncertain of what to do even as his muscles flexed in anticipation. “They’ll make him wish he was dead,” he said roughly. His glare fixed on Malek, who grinned back with sharp fangs. “I know what they do to cat types, the sick fucks.” He swiveled his dark gaze to Raider, who was looking lost at them for direction as he kept Forest from swaying. “Get him the fuck out of here, Valdez.”

Fox watched as Raider hesitantly edged a step back toward the entrance to the alley. It was the only way in or out of the area unless you were using magic or could climb the walls. Hopefully, if they could keep the creeps busy, Raider and Forest would be able to escape.

Fox eyed Justin uncertainly when the werewolf gave another snarl. He was being taken over by his wolf and it was a mean fucking wolf. Fox would never want to cross it, and it always made Justin’s magic wicked when he was like this. Still, he was a wild card and there was no guarantee Justin wouldn’t lose it completely and turn on them once blood was spilled.

Leo was looking at him and Fox realized with a start that he was actually waiting on him for a plan. Seriously, what kind of plan did he have besides try not to die?

It wasn’t a bad plan, all things considered.

Fox spoke under his breath, knowing his friends would be able to hear. “If you go lion, I’ll stay human and start blowing shit up and defend with as much magic as I can. If anything, Michael might pick up on the magic being raised up.”

The idea of Michael possibly sensing them seemed to steady Leo a little. His muscles bulged from his neck to his calves and he crouched forward. “Okay.” He leaped forward, one moment human, the next a giant lion. He broke through the group and got behind the villains so he could be a barrier between Raider and Forest. Justin’s crazed howl echoed down the alley, followed swiftly by Leo’s roar.

Fox couldn’t stop his own laugh as he clenched his fists. He flashed his fangs right before he threw a punch at the coolly watching sorcerer. It connected directly, to Fox’s surprise. He pulled back and watched as Seth grabbed his face and blood streamed from his nose.

“Oh, you’re one of those dumb ass sorcerers,” Fox said with a growl. “You don’t think others fight back. You think power and intimidation is all it takes to win. I bet you’ve never even been bruised before.”

Seth hissed in pain around his hand streaked in crimson. With his other hand he reached into his coat pocket and drew a slender wand free. Fox stopped short to eye the magical instrument warily.

“Ha, you need a wand? Even I don’t need a fucking wand.” He realized staying still was a bad idea against a precision weapon and ducked low. Fox surged forward and slammed his hands onto the sorcerer’s chest. Seth went flying backward when Fox pushed with his magic. He nearly tumbled into Malek, who sidestepped gracefully. With a wave of Malek’s hand, Seth stopped his momentum abruptly. He floated in the air a moment before he recovered enough to step down onto the pavement.

“You surprising little idiots.” Malek glared at Fox and the way his hands were smoking from his spell. “Do you honestly think any of you are going to get away? I can hunt each of you down by your scent alone.”

“So you are a shifter. Some sort of cat.” Fox didn’t really care. Raider and Forest had gotten to the alley and all he needed to do was make sure these three freaks didn’t follow them.

Malek grinned fiercely. “You wish, mortal. When I kill you, I’ll show you my true form. Think of it as a gift for your bravery today.”

The words didn’t even have a chance to sink in before Fox reared back with a yelp. His left arm, side, and thigh flamed in searing pain. Fox stared down in shock as his jacket peeled away and blood started to seep through his clothes. He looked up dimly. Malek grinned and held his hand up. Magic tipped his fingers like glowing claws.

Fox licked his lips. Malek had only nicked him but he knew if he hadn’t been faster, it would have been his flesh peeling from his bones. This guy was definitely going to kill them if they didn’t kill him first.

Hazy Summer Sale

If I sound sleepy… yeah. I am.

It’s bad outside. To the point my arms are starting to feel heavy. I was wondering how bad the allergy situation would have to be to overwhelm my fasting system. This bad, apparently.

Okay, I got a ton of $0.99 books for you guys. What else… Sorcerer Slayer is now up to scene #41. A petting turned straight into makeout session (Vince is just ridiculous <3) Intangible #9 is up and I’m hoping to have another Awakening this weekend once I get some new banners made. Cuz multitasking.

Hey, it’s been a month since I started the subscription site! Huzzah!

Anyone ever read Animorphs? It was this young adult series I used to read in… I want to say middle school. I revisited it the other day and was struck with how that was probably the series where I fell in love with shifters. And where I learned a serial format of writing. Funny the things that inspire us when we’re not even paying attention…

Could I write a young adult series? O_o I just don’t see me writing without there being sex everywhere.

Queer Romance is having a sale! Mostly $0.99, but a few higher prices thrown in too. Link below.

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Happy soon to be 4th. Sort of. Seriously, the idea of celebrating the independence of America with a racist, bigoted, fucktard in office doesn’t really thrill me. Is it patriotism or nationalism at this point? Keep waiting for the dinosaurs to go extinct only to have a new movement in regressivism sweep in. :/ There’s no going back.

I remember this book I read as a kid (I read a fucking lot XD) On The Flip Side. Technology had woken up a dimensional species of aliens who started attacking humans. The answer was the entire human race warped through willpower alone to another parallel world. No one remembered who they were but they were in a regressive existence without tech. That was the end. Like moving sideways and backward and forgetting all their experiences solved a thing. It was an annoying ending for a book–yeah, as a kid in elementary school I remember being pissed off. Who runs away from their planet after they fucked it up? What kind of lesson is that? It’s even more implausible in practice. You can’t go back and there is nowhere left to run. People need to learn to get along and deal with the mess they make.

Blah. Hope the weather treats you all well wherever you’re living. ^^ Don’t get allergies. Just don’t. It makes you grumpy and think about tons of books you once read.


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Or punish.

Hidden behind case reports and paperwork waits an omega afraid to give it all up.

Owen Ellis has fought tooth and nail to rise above his omega status and find success. He’s educated, successful, and independent, but deep inside, he knows something is missing. A mistake during his teenage years has led to a lifetime of loneliness, and Owen refuses to surrender his heart again. He’s afraid to be hurt.

He’ll never let another alpha in.

But some rules are meant to be broken. When Owen meets Crawford and sparks fly, Owen has to decide if happiness is worth the risk. The choice is always his. He can walk away and embrace loneliness—

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Blake is an ultra-successful veterinarian with a lonely heart and a dirty mouth…

Everybody knows: Blake Jorgensen isn’t a nice guy. His clinic is called Pussy-Hound, and the building looks more like a strip club than a vet’s office. Blake rains profanities on clients who don’t take proper care of their animals, his office music is Marilyn Manson, and his assistant is a nervous handlebar-mustachioed dude named Catsmeat. But mostly, Blake is profoundly lonely. He knows that no man in Amelia Island will put up with a veterinarian who works fifteen-hour days and is singularly devoted to helping animals.

Their first meeting is a mess. Blake dresses down Clair, while Clair worries about what a guy named Catsmeat will do to Linus. But Blake is the only person willing to help not only Linus recover from tularemia, but Clair recover from his loneliness and uncertainty.

Clair can’t stop admiring Blake’s ripped body, his professional dedication, and his wacky humor — while Blake is in love with a lanky young man who’s smart, wise, caring, and handsome way beyond his nineteen years.

Blake offers Clair a room at his beachfront mansion, with absolutely no obligations. Clair assumes Blake expects a little something-something, but Blake pushes him away. If Clair can’t accept Blake’s secret, he and Blake might remain nothing more than housemates.

Meow is a gay romantic comedy with a feel-good HEA, copious breath mints, a profanity-activated feeder, lots of laughs, and a whiny cat named Paul Lynde. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and no sad kitties.

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Wylie Doe has screwed himself once again with the help of his freakish demon arms. Sentenced to an academy for out of control paranormal boys, he finds himself surrounded by shifters, sorcerers, and halflings while facing an identity crisis. He has a dragon inside him that’s in love with a sorcerer he’s only just met.

Dorian Black is wealthy, cool, and extraordinarily powerful, but he hides a deadly secret. Drawn to Wylie and his alpha shifter ways, he can’t stop his dangerous attraction or the literal sparks that fly between them. Wylie’s everything Dorian’s been dreaming of but isn’t allowed to have.

When gangsters call Wylie out to face his past, he’s ready to take responsibility for his mistakes. Will Dorian finally make a stand for the boy he’s fallen for? Or will Wylie find out the hard way if his dragon scales can stop a downpour of bullets?

This novel contains explicit m/m sexual content, graphic language and violence. Expect sexual tension, animal behavior, mating of a very wet variety, angst, bloodlust, an institution filled with hot paranormal boys, first time experiences and some sweet sap near the end. All sexually active characters are 18+

Intangible 8

Chapter Seven

Colin Jaz McVicar was the highest authority on dimensional planes and the creatures who exist and crossed between those planes. Unsurprising, the strange man was one of said beings. He existed in another realm simultaneously to the one everyone was currently inhabiting. He appeared to be in his late thirties. His white wavy hair was cut shoulder length and was stark contrast against his golden skin. He wore dark framed, narrow glasses, black lipstick and had the odd habit of nerding out in rants of information while humming obscure muggle music.

Severus, who just spent the last forty-five minutes with Jaz in his office explaining the situation, looked ready to throw him through a window. Preferably one connected to a tall tower. They were all currently standing around Snape’s desk. Harry watched from a corner while Jaz tried to explain what they needed to do next.

Harry didn’t exist with Jaz on any of the planes he was on but he didn’t doubt the man was within more than one. He could see a golden glow coming off Jaz, especially when viewed through the fifth plane where magic and Malfoy were easily recognized. Considering where the light flowed, Jaz probably had a tail and was much taller than his average height seen.

Although Harry was certain Jaz couldn’t see him, at the same time, he seemed to have Draco’s odd ability to know when he was near. His stare would point in Harry’s direction whenever he stood close enough. Harry had walked through Jaz a few times and startled the both of them from the odd sensation. Eventually Jaz insisted he stop and started babbling about energy switching while flipping through his never ending notebook.

“Now, Mr. Malfoy, you claim you have actual physical contact with Mr. Potter through the sharing of one plane. And this has been demonstrated, along with Mr. Potter’s interaction with a phoenix. Now, given that there are at least ten, and not the previously thought seven planes phoenixes dwell in, I feel focusing on Mr. Malfoy’s plane would be the fastest way to connect with Mr. Potter and then pull him back.”

“Is it that simple?” Draco asked, doubtful. “He said he ended up scattered from a huge explosion of magic and strewn across dimensions.”

Jaz nodded and riffled through his notes again. “Yes. Yes, but I have a suspicion Mr. Potter has always dwelt in at least one other plane besides ours. I know for a fact Tom Riddle, the fallen Dark Lord, did. I saw the spell first hand he used to cross the dimensions. Considering how Riddle fell and Potter didn’t suggests to me Potter may have always been in these five planes. Deeply embedded like yourself and I in our own, just never viewed from his current location… Which suggests he may be something a bit different than what we first thought… But what that could be, who is to say as long as…” Jaz looked up and met the confused expressions with his own confusion.

“You are rambling,” Severus snapped, his eyebrows knitted darkly. “Again. What must we do?”

Jaz pushed his glasses up his nose with a practiced move and tossed his notes aside on Snape’s desk. “Right. We must locate the dimension he’s in. First thing’s first. If you’re correct and he’s unraveling, specifically on the plane he shares with Mr. Malfoy, then that is the most important dimension to find. Again, it is just speculation at this point, but I believe his loss of connection with our world has ungrounded him. He’s in a limbo of sorts and although likely quite belonging where he is, without an anchor here he cannot sustain for too long. I’ve seen this actually with…”

Severus raised his hand to cut him off. “How do we find the dimension?”

Jaz waved his hand at Draco, his black talons glinting in the light. It was if he already explained it and was waiting for everyone to catch up. Confusion again flashed across his face when no one seemed to understand and Jaz went again for his notes.

Severus reached over and firmly took the book from his hands. “Mr. McVicar.”

“Jaz,” he corrected. He pushed his glasses again into place and stared up bemusedly at Severus’s stern expression.

Severus sighed in annoyance and his frown grew. “Mr. McVicar, what must we do with Draco’s help to find the dimension?”

“I will need his blood. A lot.” Jaz smiled and revealed sharp, pointed teeth. Draco shivered in response. “Also, a complete intake of his genetic history might alleviate a bit of that, depending if the dimension is already known. They’re like fingerprints, dimensions. Very similar, side by side and infinite in amount. It takes a lot to actually pin point exact ones, and even more difficult to entrench yourself once you do find it. But with the right spells, the right anchors…”

Harry stepped up to Draco while Jaz started another tangent. He placed a hand on his shoulder in show of support. Draco, naturally, threw him off. Malfoy was far less accommodating when other people were around, Harry was figuring out. He suspected it had to do with all the teasing tickling he inflicted in McGonagall’s class. Harry couldn’t feel the least bit sorry for it considering the results of said teasing afterwards.

He considered a moment and held Draco’s hand instead. Draco stiffened for a moment and then relaxed when Harry did nothing else. Maybe Ron and Hermione had something to it by not being so aggressive. It seemed stupid they didn’t think he was treating Draco like a person… but then, he couldn’t really remember how people were around each other.

Touching Draco because he could actually touch him seemed totally natural, if not obvious. That he hadn’t cared much if Draco wanted to be touched probably was a problem. Probably. He wasn’t certain Draco didn’t want to be touched no matter all his loud complaints. Actually, he was pretty certain he did and Harry was a lot of difficulty discerning the difference.

Jaz was saying something again after he finally and calmly wrested his notebook back from an irate Severus. “I understand your beast inheritance has not been awoken, Mr. Malfoy. Was that something you were considering to help in this process?”

“No,” Severus spoke up before Draco could answer. “Let him stay human.”

“Severus, I do believe you do not like what I am,” Jaz mused, looking him over as he peered up from his notes. Severus just raised an eyebrow brow, not denying or confirming. “Mr. Malfoy is no more human than myself; he just looks it. I look it, when I choose to. I’m sure Mr. Potter could be quite descriptive in just how non-human our glowing friend here is,” he said as he waved at Draco again.

“I can see some, such as the glow because my eyes and other senses are connected to my other dimension. Magic is a very visual experience there. From what I can gather, Mr. Malfoy’s sense of physical self through touch is in his dimension, along with his sense of smell and taste. Sight and hearing seem to be missing but that could change if he’s woken up. Having someone actually able to see Mr. Potter might be useful, wouldn’t you agree?”

“No,” Severus repeated. His was voice flat and left little room for discussion. “We will do without seeing Mr. Potter. Draco is not an experiment; he is someone caught up in all this. As his Head of House, it is my responsibility to make sure he is not exploited.”

“Exploited? You really don’t like me.” Jaz started flipping through his notes. He idly hummed to himself and completely ignored the glower sent his way. “Mr. Potter, do you have anything to add to our discussion, seeing as Mr. Malfoy has been spoken for?”

Harry raised his brows. No one bothered to get a quill and paper for him. “Er. You can’t hear me, can you?” he asked hesitantly. Given the silence, that was a no. He pulled at Draco’s hand when no one seemed willing to actually assist in him talking.

Draco blinked in his general direction, his brows furrowed for a moment. Harry rolled his eyes. He placed Draco’s hand to his head and nodded emphatically until he understood he wanted to talk.

“Ah, I need a quill.” Draco looked at his professor expectantly. Severus seemed relieved for something to do besides glare at the man infringing in his office. Odd to Harry, considering although a bit talkative, Jaz was fairly fun, not to mention helpful.

Draco sat at Harry’s urging and picked up a quill. Staring a moment at Draco’s bowed head, Harry bent down and wrapped an arm around his chest. He was getting used to the way Draco gasped and grew warm in response. Because Draco wanted him to touch him. Harry reached out his hand, grasped Draco’s, and stole a moment to stare at him from the side while Draco’s eyes fixed on the paper before him. Except silver quickly turned his way when Draco felt his breath so close. He really needed to stop breathing so much.

You mentioned waking Malfoy’s genetics up could help him sense more. What about me? If I’m in multiple dimensions like you think, would waking up my genetics help the situation?

Jaz hummed and notes again flipped. He sat on the side of Severus’s desk and missed the glare sent his way. “I was considering something like that, Mr. Potter, but the reality is, I can’t reach you to wake you up. Mr. Malfoy could through appropriate spells, but it would certainly require him to be woken for it, which is not an option.”

“Would it fix him?” Draco asked quietly. “I’d be willing, if it saved him.” Harry peered around so he could see his expression but Draco ducked his head.

This time Jaz held his hand up to interrupt Severus’s oncoming rant. “There is no guarantee. It’s never been done before, to my knowledge. Mr. Potter’s situation is unique because usually one does not cross dimensions unless one is made for it to begin with. Most in his situation ended up there from their own neglect in spellwork and…”

Severus cleared his throat, his long fingers tapping to keep the man from rambling again. “What would the likelihood be, Mr. McVicar, of Potter being saved by transforming?”

“Ah. I don’t honestly know.” Jaz turned and casually leaned his hip on the desk. He placed his notebook flat on the surface to page through and stopped to read a line. “We don’t know what Potter is, do we? No… Really, do we?” he asked as he blinked up at Severus.

“No. He said he is dark to see, with light cracking through his skin.”

“And that could just be signs of his poor condition, not even his actual form,” Jaz hummed. “Waking him up while still in limbo could possibly do harm. Or good. Like I said, it’s a unique case. It would be best to approach in the most known way and find the dimension.”

“So, how much blood are we talking about here?” Draco asked nervously.

“Oh, a few pints or so. Maybe more. No more than half of what you have.”

“Mr. McVicar!” Snape snarled as his hands slammed on his desk. “That would kill him!”

Still riffling through notes, Jaz didn’t bother to look up. “Severus, I have been clear. I prefer to be called Jaz.”

Harry was fairly certain Snape reached his hexing point. He’d never seen Snape attempt to bodily harm someone, but apparently Jaz was just too much for his quiet sensibilities of potions and solitude.

“I was wondering when it was going to come to this,” Jaz mused lightly. His eyes raised from his notes as Severus grabbed him by his collar. “Is it my glasses? Too hipster for you? No, you wouldn’t know that term.”

It wasn’t helping. Severus dragged him up and pulled Jaz towards the door. “You will not drain my student of his blood.”

“The lipstick, I think. You know, I get a lot of crap for the lipstick, but it’s really just the natural color of my lips.” Severus opened the door and Jaz stared out into the hallway. He raised his white eyebrows, and his blue eyes meeting very black, very angry eyes. “Well? Think you have it in you?”

Harry burst out laughing. Draco sighed in dismay when Snape gave a ferocious growl and shoved Jaz toward the hall. It didn’t work. Jaz planted in place and was suddenly very tall as the potions master leaned over in attempt to push him out.

In what could only be described as graceful, Jaz fluidly spun Severus, set him in his chair, and shut the door to the classroom where he leaned against it. Transformed, he was tall and narrow with a long, cat like tail that flicked languidly against the door. Jaz studied his claws and let Snape calm down. “Mr. Malfoy, the blood would not be all at once, of course. Ideally, we would find Mr. Potter before reaching such a volume, but I do not like to mince words when it comes to the things needed to sacrifice.”

Draco didn’t reply. He was too busy staring at Severus’s confused, dazed face. Severus was holding his head in both hands while hunched forward in his chair like he was going to be sick.

“Don’t mind him. It happens from time to time. He should be okay in about fifteen minutes.” Jaz reached for his notebook once again. “The energy creatures like us give off just rattles some people. It makes them a bit irrational at times. Volatile. Likely why your Mr. Potter was always getting into so many fights.”

Harry raised his brows at that. How he remembered thing, most of those fights were with Malfoy, who was apparently another creature.

Do unwoken creatures tend to react to each other?

“Oh my, yes. It’s usually how they wake up. Bit too much energy… mix some bloodlust in there. We’re all just animals at the end of the day.”

Draco slid his gaze toward Harry, his silver eyes a bit hazy. “Always violent, or maybe sometimes just, um, lust?”

Jaz grinned wickedly, his sharp teeth again making an appearance as he flipped through pages. “I would avoid sex with another creature, if that is your concern. Many wake up that way.”

“So there might be a drive, then?” Draco gnawed on his lip and looked determinedly away from Harry’s direction.

“Mmm, most assuredly. Usually initiated by scent, sometimes blood, too.” As if he just heard himself, Jaz glanced up and met Draco’s gaze. “You may not want to be so close that you can smell him. Scent can be a rather dangerous game.”

Draco swallowed and shifted forward from Harry’s embrace. The back of his neck turned red. “But, they’re not all the same. Not everyone is going to, uh, respond, right? He might not even be anything like me.”

“Oh, he’s something. Same dimension, with intense power and strength. Tell me, would you say he’s possessive at all?”

I’m right bloody here, you know. Harry scrawled. Jaz and Draco’s eyes drifted to the page but neither bothered to address him.

“Definitely relentless,” Draco said with lashes lowered. “Entitled, like he just expects agreement. Bold, with no sense of personal boundaries at all.”

“That does sound like the type. Jealous?”

“Yes. He seems to be intent to make sure other’s know just how bloody close he can get to me.”

It’s the only way to show I’m here.

“Bullshit. You grabbed me in the Great Hall just to show them you could,” Draco snapped. “Licked me right up my neck. Who the hell does that?”

Harry glared and then shrugged. He nuzzled into Draco’s neck and fanned hot breath on his skin. “Yeah, so who the fuck cares? Not like you don’t like it.” He was fairly certain Draco fucking loved it, given the way his pulse increased and body tightened and then relaxed into him.

“It sounds like he’s chasing you,” Jaz spoke slowly, his eyes tight to where Draco’s hair was shifting. “Might be, he even thinks he’s caught you, which would explain his lack of the more competitive, aggressive behaviors. There’s no competition on his particular plane.”

“Oh, we used to fight all the goddamn time when he was visible,” Draco said shakily. He tried to throw Harry off his shoulder and failed. “Competed in quidditch to the point of a lot of bloody fist fights—Potter, I am fucking warning you,” Draco growled.

Harry just smirked and kissed his neck again. He let his teeth slide over the sensitive flesh. “Hey, you’re the one ignoring me.”

Jaz raised a brow, his notes discarded on the table. “Has he ever fought over you, not just with you?”

Draco went to shake his head and then stopped. “Once, I think.”

“Mr. Potter? Have you?” Jaz asked as he looked in Harry’s general direction.

“Oh, so now everyone cares what I think.” Anthony Holt called him a death eater in training and I beat his face in. Harry wrote out.

“I was thinking about Boyle, actually,” Draco muttered.

Ah. I could see how you might think that.

“Because he tried to kiss me…”

Shouldn’t have done it in front of me.

“It was just a fucking game,” Draco snapped.

So is quidditch and I fucking own in that too.

“You arrogant, bullheaded piece of shit…”

Jaz snorted loudly. “Well it doesn’t get much clearer than that. I would recommend some space if you’re serious about staying human. You two are a damn powder keg.”

“I’ve been trying to get space but the bloody bastard won’t give it!” Draco snarled and attempted to pull himself from Harry’s arms when both suddenly wrapped around him tight.

Harry pushed forward and trapped Draco against his chest instead of the chair back. “Maybe if you would stop moaning every time I breathe on you, I’d be more willing to give you space.” Although, even then he probably wouldn’t. He’d try pull said noises from Draco in other ways.

“I think the first thing we need to do is make you a proper pen. This,” Jaz indicated Draco’s flustered form as he tried to free himself, “Is not helping matters.”

Draco nodded quickly, then yelped as Harry nipped his neck. “He can touch things that hold enough magic.”

“Maybe we could wrap you in some sort of barrier? So that he can’t… He does not seem happy about that idea, does he?” Jaz hummed as Harry began to scrawl furiously with Draco’s hand.

Are you fucking serious? I haven’t had physical contact with another human being in nearly a year and you want to

“Malfoy!” Harry growled when Draco slammed his free hand down on the quill.

“Potter, you will compromise and acknowledge some fucking boundaries, or I’m putting a barrier up and keeping it up.”

Glaring at the very determined look in Draco’s eyes, Harry slowly relaxed his hold around his torso.

“More,” Draco insisted.

I won’t be able to write if I let go.

“Do I look like I give a fuck?”

You look like you want to be fucked, you sexy prat.

“Son of a—You are so fucking dead!” Harry realized very quickly although Draco couldn’t punch through the chair to get at him, he was more than willing to grab him by the hair and shove him to the ground.

Jaz waited patiently. He seemed unperturbed Draco was fighting an invisible force and kicking the ground ferociously. “Careful, Mr. Malfoy. He won’t fight you back and he’s already damaged.”

“It’s Potter; of course he’ll fight back,” Draco snarled.

“Not anymore. Considering your description, he’s going to be clingy, aggressive, and absolutely yielding to anything you want. Except space, because he likely can’t help himself.”

Draco stopped his vindictive kicking when he realized although Harry was blocking his feet very well, he wasn’t actually lashing back. “I thought you didn’t know what he was?” He asked, his face flushed as he sat back down.

“Still don’t. This is more identifying common behavioral traits in beasts. The same way you’re showing the common signs of pursuit through hot and cold behavior, luring attention and then pushing away…”

“Bloody am not!”

Jaz tilted his head. “And likely making things very interesting, if not confusing for our invisible friend here.”

Harry sat up and licked his bloodied hand. “Fucking knew it, Malfoy. You’re a bloody fucking tease.”

“Ridiculous. Luring… I didn’t even know he was here until yesterday!”

Harry grabbed Draco’s hand and waited for him to grudgingly pick up the quill.

Scent, remember?

Draco scowled and refused to speak.

You Want Me.

“Potter, I will wake up Snape so fucking fast, you won’t even understand how strong his protection spell will be!”

Jaz looked over at Severus, who had slipped from dazed into sleep at some point during the commotion. “That can’t be good. He must be particularly sensitive. Troubling, considering all the help I’m going to need from his potion work.” He pushed his glasses back from their slipped location and went to his bag across the room. “Alright gentlemen, I think it’s time we wrap this up. Mr. Potter, I will be taking some of Mr. Malfoy’s blood and I ask you be calm about it.”

Harry glanced up from where he was watching Draco’s emotions swiftly shift across his face while he kept reading the last line left on the page. He seriously doubted he was going to flip out over Draco getting a damn needle in the arm… Harry saw the wicked blade in Jaz’s hand and without any thought, pulled Draco up over the chair backward and across the room.

“It only looks gruesome, I promise,” Jaz said lightly. “The spell does the slicing and collecting. I just enchanted a weapon so no one would confuse it for something else.”

“Potter, you’re being ridiculous,” Draco muttered but Harry could see his was pale in fear.

“If you want, you can hold him steady. But it’s not going to hurt.” With a swift, fluid motion, Jaz crossed the room and pressed the blade to Draco’s inner arm.

Harry and Draco both stared. Draco went stiff in fear but not in pain. A container in Jaz’s hand swiftly filled with dark, deoxygenated blood and the blade was removed. Draco was left to stare blankly at the small drops of red left on his arm. Harry ran his finger over the fluid as he sought the wound, only to have the blood stick to his fingertips.

“Look at that.” Jaz hummed when he could see some shape to one of Harry’s fingers as the blood wrapped around his flesh. “Hardly a longterm solution, but you could just cover him in some of your blood.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so.” Draco wasn’t about to split his veins open just so he could see Harry.

“Alright, off with you. I need to fix your grumpy professor here and get this potion going. We should have some answers within the week. Hopefully.” Jaz waved them away and his eyes again strayed to his notebook. He left blood and blade on Snape’s desk as he looked something up. Harry had to wonder how long the strange man was going to let Severus sleep before he remembered to wake him.

Alone with Harry back in his bedroom, Draco found himself uncomfortable. Although Harry didn’t attempt to touch him beyond his hand to show he made it in the door, Draco felt edgy and flustered. He was expecting him to at any moment.

Partly, Draco wanted to ask Harry a million damn questions, many of them concerning just what the fuck he wanted from him. But that would involve the quill and the extreme closeness. Draco didn’t think he could handle that in his current state while alone with no other people to interrupt.

He missed lunch, barely ate breakfast and was not really in the mood for dinner even though it was the right time for it. Draco decided to catch up on some homework since he was extremely behind in most of his classes. He tried for as long as he could as his eyelids grew heavy and revealed just how difficult it was for him to concentrate. He kept trying to feel Harry’s presence but he was tucked away somewhere and wasn’t making himself known.

He dozed. Draco nodded awake to a dimly lit room and a full bladder. There was a spell in place to lower the lights during sleeping hours. He stumbled around his desk, careful not to knock his books from the surface as he made his way to the bathroom. Blearily he stripped and swayed in the tiled room after he dried his hands. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to shower or just go straight to bed. He’d have to wake up early to shower in the morning and that sounded miserable.

Hands touched his shoulders in the dim light, warm compared to the chill dungeon air. With a shiver, Draco didn’t resist when Harry pressed his hot body up against his back and held him lightly. “Thought I told you to stay out of my loo,” he murmured sleepily. Harry’s hands moved around his waist and with palms flat, pushed up his sides. “Oh.”

Harry bent his head against Draco’s neck, and spoke something he couldn’t make out beside it being ticklish. Draco’s gaze drifted down with nothing to focus on. He could feel Harry tremble behind him; his chest heaved as if he just ran and his pulse fluttered in the fingers digging in to his sides. “Potter, are you…? Oh, hell.” Draco’s eyes fluttered shut. He shifted so Harry had better access to his neck as hot, open mouthed kisses rained down.

This was very much a bad idea. Draco remembered the words Harry wrote while in Snape’s office. They were very true words, which made them extra dangerous. He wanted Harry. He wanted Harry to want him, take him, fill him. Right now, half asleep with Harry rubbing strong, unsteady hands over him, he couldn’t remember why it was a bad idea.

Draco arched back with a loud gasp when Harry’s hands moved up his flat stomach and chest. His hands slid down and fingers dragged wonderful friction with every inch. Harry stopped right above his boxers, his fingertips brushing to prove if he went lower, there would be no fabric to stop him. His fingers splayed wider and Harry hands moved slightly to the sides before he palmed up his body again. His touch was slow and so heated, Draco could only moan. Fingers teased around his nipples and squeezed, and fire tingled all the way down to his toes.

It was quiet. Draco’s uneven pants were broken by soft, aching cries that echoed in the dim bathroom. There was the light scrape of flesh on flesh as Harry rubbed his palms down and dared lower. Draco watched unseeing as fingers ran over the front of his hips and caressed his soft flesh stretched over hard bone. Harry moved lower to the tops of his trembling thighs. His large hands wrapped possessively as he stopped and again bit fingers in to indent Draco’s flesh.

“Harry.” Draco exhaled as the world spun. He could feel the unmistakable press of Harry’s erection against his ass. His eyes closed and Draco’s head fell back to land on the wide shoulder behind him. Soft hair tickled against his ear. Harry turned his face and kissed him slowly, deeply, until Draco knees grew weak. Harry’s hands moved to his hips again and held him up. He rubbed small circles on his flesh while Draco quaked.

“Oh, god… hell. Potter, please stop. I-I can’t stop.” Harry pressed up against him and ground his hard length between his ass cheeks. Draco was certain if he just moved a small inch or so, it would be up against his hole, stretch into him, claim him. It would be, god, so good. It would be so, so fucking good. “Please… have to stop,” he moaned even as he pressed back into the delicious sensation.

A low rumble tore through Harry’s chest. Cold suddenly hit his back when Harry stepped away, his large hands holding Draco’s shoulders hard to keep him from falling. Draco swayed with head bowed forward and gasps shaking him.

Harry’s hands felt like steel and his breath scalded as it hit the back of his neck in harsh pants. Harry pushed him forward, step after step. Draco raised his hands to catch the cool tile before his head touched against it. “Stop,” he whispered. He closed his eyes and rested his face on the wall. His hard cock jolted from the cold feel of the tile through his fabric barrier.

Rough, forceful hands pressed to Draco’s back, moved over his shoulders and shoulder blades, grasped and massaged and rubbed into him as if trying to ingrain his touch into his muscles. Down, over his back and lower, the curve of his spine and up his sides again, fingers dragged, and short nails scratched. “Oh, fuck… fuck, Harry.” Lower still, they grabbed Draco’s hips, fingers splayed over his ass, thumbs dug in and pressed firm as Harry cupped his cheeks and pushed him forward. “Oh, god. Please.”

The hands found his thighs, grabbed the thick, tense muscles and spread them wide. Harry kicked Draco’s feet as the side of a hand pressed against his crack and pushed in and brushed his hole. Draco jerked forward into the cool tile and cried out. His entire body tensed as Harry turned his hand and touched fingertips ever so lightly against his tight entrance. Draco sobbed from the soft touch. Sweat dripped down his face and he spread his legs wider in anticipation.

Harry roughly turned him, pushed him back against the tile and kissed him hard and demanding. Draco did everything he could not beg for more, to not turn and bend and beg Harry to finish what he started. Instead he threw his arms around his neck and clung the best he could while Harry kissed and nipped down his throat, his hot breath exploding in fast bursts. Harry’s hands moved over his sides possessively and his hips rubbed his hard burning cock into Draco’s. Draco spread again and lifted his knee up the side of Harry’s strong thigh. Harry grabbed his leg, pulled it up higher with a wrench and ground against Draco’s tight body. Just as abruptly, he shakily pushed away.

Harry was gone. His body heat and presence disappeared to leave Draco cold and confused. Trembling, Draco moaned. His knees gave out and he slipped down the wall onto the floor in a heap.

“Damn it… fucking damn it.” His head bowed down as Draco gasped. Sweat dripped down his face and his body was so fucking tight and aching he didn’t know how he wasn’t on fire. He felt like char left on the floor. He buried his face in his hands and felt the saliva drip down his chin. He followed with his hands, over his jaw, down his throat with hard, dragging fingers as he groaned. “Fuck!”

Fucking Potter. God, how the fuck was he supposed to ever touch that mean bitch after this? Bear a child with her? Fuck. A turkey baster had a better fucking chance.

Draco’s hands were on his thighs and through his boxers before he even realized it. One moved down to grasp his painfully hard dick and the other pushed fingers and roughly probed into the heat inside his aching hole. He didn’t care he was loud. His moans echoed as he bucked on the floor and wished it could be Harry fucking him instead of his narrow fingers.

He came with something near a scream. His head slammed back against the tile, body tingled, blood roared in his ears as red flashed behind his eyes.

He was so fucked. So impossibly begging for it, on his knees, fucked. God damn fucking Potter for ruining his fucking life.