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Demon Arms Deleted Scenes

Demon Arms Deleted Scenes Hey, okay, so way back when I was first writing Demon Arms, it looked really different. It was originally going to be a serial—you know, like Demon Bonded (I know, my names are so original. XD) … Continue reading

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Sorcerer Slayer Excerpt 2– Vincent

(Unedited–yeah, I see all those red lines and I’m not fixing it. Wallow in my spelling errors for the full experience of typing like a mofo to get shit done. XD) “Get the fuck away from me!” Vincent Frost had … Continue reading

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Sorcerer Slayer Excerpt 1– Raider

Excerpt from Sorcerer Slayer by Sadie Sins. (Unedited. No complaints. XD) They were everywhere. The city looked deceptively calm, especially the quiet street his mad dash had landed him on. There was little coverage from the few eyes he could … Continue reading


Demon Bonded Saga for $0.99

Demencious Saga Okay, the first saga of Demon Bonded is out. $0.99 to buy for the weekend, or free to read with Kindle Unlimited. The Apprentice Saga will be available next weekend, and at that time, I’ll be hosting a … Continue reading

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