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April 17

Weekend Update
Okay, so I’m tackling a lot right now–and to be clear, it’s all shit I’m totally in love with. I want to spell it out for people because I was a little uncertain how it was all going down. This is all about Sorcerer Slayer, The Paranormal Academy For Troubled Boys, and Demon Arms. I’m going to be updating things this week (sorry, I stayed up late and I just can’t code right now–barely certain I’m even making sense atm– but tomorrow we’ll start seeing things.)

Okay, so I’ve outlined the Sorcerer Slayer original idea into 3 books. This allows for what I wanted to do initially, which was really bring people into the Academy and play in this world. I’ve had to add some extra plot points to make each novel work on its own, as well as a whole, and it’s getting really fucking good. I’m also looking at bringing some of the ideas for the book that was coming after Sorcerer Slayer in early. I’ve got a lot of ideas, and I’m enjoying finally being able to fit things the way I want.

But what I’m doing now is getting the first book in Sorcerer Slayer done. Tentative title atm is Shiny Thief cuz we’re intro’ing Raider. What I’m also doing–that super secret project I was worried would crash and burn–concerns Demon Arms and nudging it toward a more consistent feel for the rest of the series. Aka, adding in some scenes, getting more immersive in some points and ‘showing’ instead of ‘telling’ with the writing. My brain is working (that must sound so strange for anyone who wasn’t there when I went through 4 years of mold toxicity XD) and I have the capability to tell the Demon Arms story the way I envisioned it, so why the fuck not? It will be a different edition so the original will not be removed/replaced/erased. I am not taking it away–I fucking hate when creators do that–I’m just offering an alternative that will fit with the series as it goes forward.

Part of what’s been holding me back with Sorcerer Slayer is trying to make it echo Demon Arms. It can’t, and I need to let it the fuck go and move forward. But Demon Arms is such a different feel made when I was really freaking sick. I think this is the perfect opportunity to push this series to be the best it can.

Subscribers will be seeing it all starting this week. My goals of the moment are:

  • Create an image board of the settings of the Academy as well as the characters. I want more descriptive writing to paint a picture, which means I need a picture to paint.
  • Get Shiny Thief into a final draft form. It’s not there yet. We need more drama and plot points, then another draft to flesh out the writing.
  • Get Demon Arms into a form fitting of my current writing style to keep the series consistent.
  • Covers.

I’m going to be jumping around a lot between these goals. Besides taxes, this weekend was spent looking at the first scene of Demon Arms and pushing it to see how I could stretch it to be more active, more immersive, more happening instead of being told it happens. I’m really enjoying it. It’s slow writing this way at the moment, but I have a feeling that’s just because I’m training my brain and being more selective with word choices and finding the intention behind the current draft. I can see where I was confused with my writing with Demon Arms. Hell, I can see it in Sorcerer Slayer as well and that was started when I was regaining a lot of my health and brain function.

I was sick, peeps. Really fucking sick. Every day I gain more function is every day I look back and go ‘holy fuck, how the fuck did I live through that?’ I wasn’t living, I was enduring, wondering when the fuck my body would give out. It is time to write like I’m alive. I have no idea what that will look like, but it’s apparently more detail oriented with a lot more ‘show.’ If I can balance details with a gripping, tension wrought plot, it’s all a win.

April 12

Plans for Sorcerer Slayer!
Little peek at what I’m working on. Realized I’m going about Sorcerer Slayer all wrong. The Paranormal Academy For Troubled Boys was never supposed to be set up like individual books with these clear beginnings and ends. It’s a series, it was always supposed to be a series but I was so sick, I thought I’d never get past the first one. Now that I’m well, time to see what I can do.

Here’s a sneak peak at what I’m working on. <3

Definitely loving this more active voice. Although, I thought it would result in less word count–you know, a faster read. But although it feels like you’re in the moment and things are happening, and the brain is less likely to get bored, it’s actually more words to create that effect. Unexpected. XD

Okay, the first two scenes are more to the point. I don’t think this is going to be a big rewrite–not like what Hellcat went through. Most of it is going to happen in the final edit, but I need to get things more focused now so I know the book is going to fit the ending. It’s mostly to get the scenes more focused–poor Fox really had no focus. XD This rewrite is going to have an impact, but I think it’s staying true to what’s already written. I’m going to push for more drama, but it should continue to follow the same storyline.

Gah, my gums and teeth are so ouchy. My allergies are all over the place. Don’t know if it’s the thaw, or the cats vomiting (always a pleasure @[email protected]) but it’s been a lot of inflammation. I cleaned so much today but I think I just exposed myself to more of the nasty invisible allergens.

Whoo, it’s been a freaking busy weekend. Hope you all enjoyed your chocolate bunny sacrifices. Demon Bonded is now officially free to read on the site. I’ve been planning this for a while now, just hadn’t had the time to put everything together. I want to use Patreon to push me to update Demon Bonded monthly. It’s easy to get lost in complicated novels and lose track of the serials, so this will be my motivation. <3

I’m looking through Sorcerer Slayer and coming to the realization it really freaking drags the first 50,000 words. I’m going to be plotting a fix and tightening that beginning up before I go forward. Sorry if this frustrates the fuck out of anyone. @[email protected] Having to redo the ending later just seems pointless (I learned with Hellcat.) I need the tension to pull tighter in the earlier scenes and get Fox’s presence and goals stronger. He’s really fading in the background and/or slowing things right now. There is a lot going on in this book and I need to make sure it paces properly or it might just fall apart.

Whoo, it’s been a freaking busy weekend. Hope you all enjoyed your chocolate bunny sacrifices. Demon Bonded is now officially free to read on the site. I’ve been planning this for a while now, just hadn’t had the time to put everything together. I want to use Patreon to push me to update Demon Bonded monthly. It’s easy to get lost in complicated novels and lose track of the serials, so this will be my motivation. <3

I’m looking through Sorcerer Slayer and coming to the realization it really freaking drags the first 50,000 words. I’m going to be plotting a fix and tightening that beginning up before I go forward. Sorry if this frustrates the fuck out of anyone. @[email protected] Having to redo the ending later just seems pointless (I learned with Hellcat.) I need the tension to pull tighter in the earlier scenes and get Fox’s presence and goals stronger. He’s really fading in the background and/or slowing things right now. There is a lot going on in this book and I need to make sure it paces properly or it might just fall apart.

I appreciate your patience, guys and girls. ARCs can now read Hellcat. The book will be on Amazon withing 24 hours, lol, but don’t think you need to read that fast or anything. As always, I appreciate your willingness to give up your free time to point your eyes at my books. Thanks a million, and Happy Reading!

Hellcat Is Live On Amazon!!!

Still a bit of work to do. Gail’s sharp eye is picking up issues, and then I’m running it through a text to speech to see what we both may have missed. Then formatting the mobi, making the webpage, and finishing the cover. Final lap and I’m going strong, woot!

March 25

Final Draft of Hellcat #21-25 In the Library!
Five more chapters left! Flying, whoot! <3

I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but my brain is on Sorcerer Slayer. We’re jumping back to Dorian and I can’t wait to put him and Vincent in a room together. XD

March 21

Final Draft of Hellcat #1-15 In the Library!
Half way done with the final edit of the book. This isn’t the final final version being worked on with an editor/beta, but that version will be posted once the book is complete.

Seriously, just need to apologize to anyone who got a double charge or the wrong charge, etc, etc. I’m fixing it every time it clears in Paypal and sending refunds. Sorry, I don’t usually look at that part of the system, I assume it just works like it’s supposed to. I didn’t realize how unreliable this system was until I finally had a look to see just what the hell was going on that I couldn’t just take a month off of it for members.

Once Hellcat is edited, I’ll be looking at this fucker closely and deciding if the updated version will fix these problems or if I need to find a different system completely. As it is, there are members who could cancel and find themselves with months of free reading because the system has been adding months to some members without any rhyme or reason I can find. Oh, and if you refuse to pay this month through Paypal, you will have a free month. Apparently that’s how it works atm. You have to refuse to pay for the month and then you can use the free month and I believe Paypal will prompt you at the end of the free month… I’m pretty sure. Aka, it’s ‘supposed to’ so I wouldn’t actually hold your breath. @[email protected]

I can only tackle five things at a time. Working on it, promise. Email if you have any issues. You will not bother me, I promise.

March 19

Shit, that didn’t work
So me trying to give people a free month may have charged them. @[email protected] Working on it now. Expect refunds through Paypal. Seriously, sorry. I keep thinking I’m working with this logical kind of tech program. Not the case. It’s a WordPress plugin and although far better than the first one I tried to get to work and ultimately failed, it is not perfect… (they actually have an update I’m terrified to try for fear it’s going to fuck it all up.) Absolutely sorry for the mess up, babes.

First 40,000 words of Hellcat is cleaned up! Zipping through.

March 14

Members Get An Extra Month Free
I don’t think I’m going to be sick the entire month–really fucking hope I’m not. But I don’t want to risk it seeing as it’s already half a week and this fever isn’t stopping. I don’t want to stress myself, which I’m fighting thoughts of now. I’m human, not machine XD so I think this is the compromise my body can handle. I’ll be going through today to update all the members (it will be all of you, no fear.)

It looks like the flu. My fever has thankfully remained below 102 but not by much. My ability to focus and write the way I want is absolutely impaired… although I now have a sexy rasp when I talk (totally not gross and hoarse XD)

I hope you’re all staying healthy. ^.^

March 12

Hellcat Update!
Sorry babes, this fever is kicking my ass. I’m really shooting to have the first draft of Hellcat finished this week but my body is not working with me. @[email protected]

Okay, so I decided to just have both files with the audiobooks on Payhip. I get that some people don’t have space, so the compressed versions are there. But, legit, the bigger files sound better. It’s a difference of 128 kbps vs 32 kbps. The quality really can’t compare.

Oh, and the nicer versions are on the website for listening. I can’t stand tinny, not after working my ass off. Quality counts. I will eventually find an audio player with a few more features. Plugins are a bitch to search through.

Enjoy, babes. ^.^

March 7

Demon Bonded Audiobooks actually supported on the website for subscribers!
Took some fiddling but I got the audio to work on the site properly. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll be able to listen for free. I had to compress it down–it’s set to the ‘industry standard’ when it comes to audiobooks. Not sure if it’s not a little too tinny to the ear, though. Any thoughts?

March 6

Vid for Ky Painting
Finally got around to putting the vid together. I think I’m going to start making these like half the length I’ve been doing. It’s really not that interesting enough to watch for 15 minutes or more. @[email protected] Hell, I don’t want to be around for it, and it takes me hours.

Anywho, think you’ll be seeing some more audiobooks either tomorrow or the next. I’ve been tired. Something is seriously kicking my butt these last days and it’s not acting like allergies. Fun.

March 5

Hellcat #29 is Finished!
Things are flowing much easier on the writing front. I think the audio has helped in a weird way. Listening to the speech patterns has allowed my brain to pull from the weird trance it usually goes into when writing, and instead click on a level just a little closer to actual thought. Lol, that probably sounds weird as fuck. There ya go. I’m weird as fuck. <3

March 4

Demon Bonded Audiobooks 1-3 Done!
I was hoping to get all of Demencious Sage done in audio this weekend, but it didn’t happen. I’ve been pretty tired the last weeks or so, if I’m honest. Lots of naps. I’m taking a mold binder to remove whatever my body stored in its fat cells out. It’s been kicking my ass, but it’s for the greater good. Once the toxic mold is finally gone, it’s gone. Just gotta get through the process.

Uh, the Demon Bonded Audiobooks are found under the books tab, right next to each one. But quick links if you want to see on Payhip. Fuck, I love Payhip. Makes shit so much easier. Apparently, compression is a big deal with audiobooks. These versions are up to par. Funny the many things you learn from googling. <3

Something Waiting In The Dark

Breathing Under The Bed

The Killer Wardrobe

March 2

Hellcat #28 is done!
It’s the last of the gratuitous sex scenes in the book and I’m sure the last two scenes will fly by. I still have some final drafts of some of the previous scenes in Hellcat, and then see if I can find an editor. XD

Whoo, so I’ve been making audio books out of the rest of Demon Bonded. Doing all the recording before the final edits. I’m hoping to have something interesting done by the weekend– except, apparently there’s a big storm coming my way. A northeaster that just kicked the east cost’s ass. So, I might not have power this weekend. I guess it depends on the range of this little wind demon, hmm.

February 28

Demon Bonded episode #1 Audiobook!
I took the day off from writing to finally figure out audiobooks. I think I found a nice system that doesn’t involve too much time or money on my part. I think I’m going to have to learn a little more about file types and saving settings and all that shit–so much tech stuff I need to learn and hate every moment of. XD

Anywho, snag a free copy of Something Waiting In The Dark.

  • Maike

    To have a site with updates ist great 😁
    But could it be possible to mark which updates are also for free members and which not?

    • Sadie Sins

      Ooh, absolutely! That’s a wonderful idea and when I post today, I’ll be clear about it. Thank you, Maike! <3

  • DeAunna Thomas

    Do you have a sequel in mind for the Troubled Boys Series? I really loved the first one and am anxiously anticipating the next.

    • Sadie Sins

      Hi, DeAunna! Sorcerer Slayer is actually the sequel to Demon Arms, which I’m in the process of writing now. You can read as I go here. http://www.sadiesinsbooks.com/the-library/sorcerer-slayer/ After that I have… oh… at least four more books in the series. I love the Academy world, and characters, and have far too many plans for them all. XD Sorcerer Slayer is focused on Fox and Vincent and introduces Raider, who gets a book later with someone I refuse to name just yet. 😀 I’m really hoping to get Sorcerer Slayer done sooner rather than later. I keep trying to bully myself into finishing it up but it’s stubbornly going at its own pace.

  • Yay! Congrats on making it to scene 50!! \o/

    • Sadie Sins

      Thank you! o^.^o I’m so excited to watch this story unfold.

  • I was dying for these updates, thank you Sadie <3! And hooray for the artist cover, I hope it'll work! *cross fingers*

    • gabs

      Me too! I’m really excited about it but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Hopes are so difficult. XD

  • megu

    *test the new comment section*
    Your website’s design update looks so nice Sadie! You did an amazing job <3 you deserve tones of sleep now!

    • Lol, thank you, hun. *glomp* I won’t go into how I was up another 2 hrs after cuz of the stupid blog widget showing up on non-blog pages and half my book links breaking. @[email protected] But it’s done! For now. >_<

  • Ugh, I totally understand the stress you’re going through and the “what if I fail” feeling. It’s like, my everyday life. But still, you’re a talented writer and I hope your work will be noticed even without Amazon. *hug* Regarding the prices, it breaks my heart to read that you’d lower to 1.99$. Even 2.99$ is so cheap… T_T Well, the good thing is that you can earn royalties with Pronoun.
    Take care of your health dear, I’m getting really worried!
    (Oh I’ve finished reading DB Demencious saga and I loved it!! Gonna read Apprentice asap<3)

    • Oh, hun, you’re such an amazing artist. *hug* I don’t understand the world some days. It seems to be less about talent and just waiting to be noticed among a sea of many. It’s tough to be an introvert in this field. I think it’s tough to be your own damn cheerleader when it comes to the insecurities that go hand in hand with the creative field.

      I’m better today. I’m doing the price research still; I just went back onto the other platforms and $2.99 seems like such a staple, I’m not sure if I wouldn’t stand out as ‘low quality’ with a lower price tag. There are so many ways to approach this stuff, it’s just finding the right strategy. I feel like the subscription site has the best stability long term so I need to see how that works in this new step.

  • Sadie I’m so so so excited to read more about SS, I miss the guyyyys <3

    • Me too! It already feels more vibrant and energetic vs this kind of slow decay of energy that was going to happen if I continued the way I was going. Hoping to have a scene ready tonight of SS, plus one of Intangible.

      Funny how you can have these wonderful plans, clutch to them like they’re important, and then throw them out the window for the better. Not even the outline, but I’ve been fighting this bitch of an idea that because I can write a certain amount of words in a certain amount of time, that those words are going to be a novel, and it will be perfect first time around, and it should just be accepted as such. But unless the characters step up and do their thing, that shit never happens. Expectations are such a battle in creativity yet so hard to let go. I guess it really does take as long as it takes. *blah* XD

      • Haha I completely understand. Sometimes you’re so proud of planning your story, thinking it’ll be like that, and like this. And then everything changes! But I believe it’s for better, yes. Plus it’s your characters, they tend to be the ones that decide. 8’D
        Anyway, I’m so hyped for SS. o/

  • Shawna White

    Hey, Do you know when the next demon volume 2 will be out? I got one and I’m excited to read the rest.

    • Hey, Shauna. So… I’m assuming you mean Demon Arms? Or are we talking Demon Bonded Collection? I’ll answer for both, just in case. <3

      Okay, so the Demon Arms sequel, Sorcerer Slayer, I'm hoping will be ready by December depending on editing, cover artist, etc. It's a lose goal because I don't want to rush it and ruin the book. Demon Bonded Collection #2, which is the Apprentice Saga will be definitely republished by next month. I just need to find the time to make a cover around all the other stuff I'm doing. I'll be working on Coven Saga as I go along; I refuse to let so much time fall between episodes again. Hope that answered your question, and if it didn't, feel free to ask away. Great to hear from you!

  • A++ for the draft idea Sadie!

    • Thanks, Megu. <3 I've been ruminating on the draft idea for ages, unsure if anyone would want to read something 'unfinished.' I guess it took a while to remind myself most of the stuff I wrote while sick was not the best, yet people still enjoyed it and I need to put my ego aside and just get the story out. I think this is going to open up me being able to write more and feel far less guilt when I go on Sorcerer Slayer binges and can post Demon Bonded drafts kind of thing.

  • Dale

    You can airbrush on canvas. A gessoed canvas is not as absorbent as paper so you would need to be sanded with very fine sandpaper to give a smooth eggshell surface.

    • Hey, Dale! Do you airbrush at all? Ugh, I forgot 1) how much I like smooth surfaces and 2) how much I hate gessoing and sanding. What a chore, and a total oxymoron to get the result I love, a smooth surface. I actually have these little acid free comic book boards that I was painting on for a bit cuz they were so smooth. Fabric does seem to be the way to go big. Paper is just wood pulp at a very fine grain… I do wonder if there could be a way to spray a paper finish (mixed with some sort of adhesive) that could give you the absorbency enjoyed as a final surface on larger areas. It might be a fun project idea…

      • Dale

        I actually blow glass, occasionally paint with acrylics and oils and even stained glass. A good friend of mine with whom I have lost contact with used to airbrush. He airbrushed on several different types of surfaces. I myself have never had the chance to try it. I did spend time while he worked and basically explained the differences and techniques that he accomplished.

  • With Leo. Please Please Please I need a sex scene with Leo!! XD

  • Omg I’m so excited about this sexy Raider fics!! I can’t wait to see Vincent’s reactions about Raider going after him ahah.
    Edited or not, I still have lots of scenes of Hellcat to catch up reading! @[email protected]

    • Seriously have the outline for a Raider x Leo fic too. It’s a little… furry. XD Just a little. Plan on writing them both the next couple weeks.

  • Take care Sadie T_T hope you’ll be all good soon! *hug*

    • *hug* I’m feeling better already, hun. I’m actually doing the final Hellcat edit right now. <3

  • Can’t wait to read Hellcat! I’ve read the first chapters but stopped when you were doing the drafts and editing, I wanted to read the final result all at once *bless herself for her patience lol*
    And woot for SS!! I’m so so excited to read about Vincent and the others ;___; <3 I miss them so much!

    • Hey, it’s all done! You can read finally. XD Lol, you know I’m usually not the type to rewrite a book like that. Usually my edits are pretty small. But I think it was worth the extra work.

      Sorcerer Slayer! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get back to it. I just have to run the final draft of Hellcat through text to speech to catch any mess ups and I’m fixing the cover today, and once everything is formatted (whoo, almost done, almost @[email protected]) I can finally get back to the Academy guys. Super happy! <3

  • I’m so happy to see you so fired up Sadie! Go go go you can do it!! ♥

    • I’m so freaking excited! XD Lol, it’s going to be so cool by the time it’s all done. I wish it was done now though! @[email protected] I have no patience when I’m like this.